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Members Of United States

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Zhangchen Zhao Mr. University of Michigan Biostatistics,data analysis,longitudinal data,survival analysis
Zhangmeng enviromental engineering DICP soil microbiology,enviroment,soil characterization,environmental microbiology
Zhangmeng enviromental engineering DICP soil microbiology,enviroment,soil characterization,environmental microbiology
Zhanjun Hou Assistant Professor (Research) Wayne State University Targeted cancer therapeutics with folate analogs
Zhanpeng Instructor Boston Children's Hospital cardiology
Zhao Chen Professor University of Arizona osteoarthritis,osteoporosis,sarcopenia,asthma
Zhao Dang Postdoc Duke University HIV,FLU
Zhao Dong Research Associate Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health environmental health
zhao jing Director Beijing Army General Hospital lung neoplasms
Zhao Lan Investment Associate Betterment epidemiology
Zhao Li postdoctoral scholar University of Iowa diabetic cardiomyopathies
Zhao Qin Research Scientist MIT computational biology
Zhao Zhong Chong Assist Professor University of Illinois at Chicago stroke,diabetes,neurodegenerative diseases
ZHAO-QING LUO Professor Purdue University infection control
Zhaofeng Gao graduate student case western reserve univeristy cancer
Zhaohua Tang Professor of Biology Claremont McKenna College cancer
Zhaohui Feng Associate Professor Rutgers University cancer
Zhaohui Wu Asst Professor UTHSC ataxia telangiectasia
Zhaohui Ye Assistant Professor Johns Hopkins University blood
Zhaokang Cheng Postdoc University of North Carolina cardiovascular diseases
Zhaomei Mu Research Assistant Professor Northwestern University breast,cancer
Zhaoping He Research Associate Scientist/Assistant Professor Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children Extroesophageal
Zhaoqi Student university of pittsburgh statistics
Zhaoru Xu Student New York University pharmaceutical preparations
zhaowen liu PHD Xidian university bioinformatics
Zhaoyang Feng Assistant Professor Case Western Reserve University parkinson disease
zhaoyang zhao Associate professor University of Texas circadian rhythm,metabolism
Zhaoyang Zhao Associate Professor University of Texas, MS, BMB cancer
Zhaoyu Li Assistant Professor Mayo Clinic cancer,genomics
Zhaoyue Shi Ms Vanderbilt Institute of Imaging Science Dynamic connectivity of the brain,fMRI BOLD
Zhe Chen Assistant Professor New York University School of Medicine Psychiatry
Zhe Han Associate Professor Children's National Medical Center diabetic nephropathies
zhe Sun Research Assistant Professor un cardiovascular diseases
Zhe Zhang Postdoctoral Associate Weill Cornell Medicine breast cancer
Zhe Zhang instructor Virginia Common Wealth optogenetics
Zhe Zhang Principal Bioinformatics Scientist The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Translational medicine
Zhe Zhu Post doctor researcher Cleveland clinic foundation adult brain tumor
Zhe Zhuang Graduate Student Researcher The Scripps Research Institute amino acid
Zhekang Ying Assistant Professor UMB air pollution
Zhen PhD student University of Nebraska Medical Center rna interference,nanomedicine,pediatrics,breast cancer,bioengineering
Zhen Doctor Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital Lung cancer,radiation oncology,translational medical research
Zhen Instructor UTHealth aneurysm,autophagy,Huntington's disease
Zhen Chen Investigator NIH biostatistics
Zhen Cheng Associate Professor Stanford University cancer
Zhen Gu Postdoctor University of Louisville oral immunity and infectious disease
Zhen Huang Director of R&D Cambrian Innovation microbiology
Zhen Huang Associate Professor UW-Madison Neuroscience
Zhen Jane Wang Associate Professor UCSF Medical Center radiology
Zhen Qian Chief of CV Imaging Research PHI cardiovascular diseases
zhen xu Graduate Research assistant the University of Iowa cancer biology

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