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Members Of United States

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Zoe PhD Georgia Institute of Technology microbiology
Zoe Avestruz Undergraduate University of Minnesota - Twin Cities surgery department- hospital,medicine,psychiatric department- hospital
Zoe Bishop Student Northeastern University dermatology,cancer,surgery department- hospital
Zoe Brasher Graduate student Boston University School of Medicine neurosciences
Zoe Frolking Student UNC public health practice
Zoe Hoffpauir Graduate research assistant UTMB diabetes
Zoe Hull Student/Research Assistant University of New England Public Health
Zoe Johnson-Ulrich Graduate Student Oakland University Animal Cognition
Zoe McElligott Assistant Professor Psychiatry neuroscience
Zoe McLaren Assistant Professor University of Michigan Health economics
Zoe Richardson Student Colorado State University neurosciences
Zoe Richardson Student Colorado State University neurosciences
Zoe Smuckler Student George Washington University public health
Zoe Starkey Student Purdue University oncology,epigenetics,public health,global health,cardiology
Zoey Ramirez Management Assistant II Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Neurology
Zofia Piotrowska Instructor MGH Cancer Center lung neoplasms
Zohar Bloom-Ackermann post doc Broad institute infection,tuberculosis
Zohar Sachs Assistant Professor Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation oncology
Zohray Talib Associate Professor George Washington University global health,medical education
Zohreh Amoozgar PharmD PhD harvard cancer immunotherapy,pediatric,drug delivery systems
Zohreh Nemati Dr. University of Minnesota-twin cities cancer
Zohreh Talebizadeh Associate Professor Children's Mercy Hospital autistic disorder
Zohreh Tatari Calderone Staff Scientist Sidra Medical and Research Center infectious disease
Zoi Doctor Ahepa University Hospital infection control
Zoie Holzknecht Research Analyst Duke University Medical Center thoracic diseases,lung transplantation,cardiovascular diseases
Zoila Areli Lopez Bujanda Graduate Candidate Columbia University cancer
Zoila Isabel Fernandez Graduate Student University of Colorado immunologic memory
zolt arany associate professor university pennsylvania cardiovascular diseases,diabetes
zolt arany Associate Professor bidmc cardiology,metabolic diseases,vascular diseases
zolt arany associate professor upenn cardiovascular diseases,metabolism
Zoltan Mari Ruvo Family Chair Cleveland Clinic parkinson disease
Zoltan Nadasdy Adjunct professor University of Texas at Austin Epilepsy
Zoltan Szekely Research Professor Rutgers University cancer
Zoltan Szekely Research Professor Rutgers University drug discovery
Zoltan Varga postoctoral research fellow NIAAA diabetes mellitus,metabolic diseases,heart,kidney,liver
Zon Lai Research Associate Harvard University Obesity
Zongchao Han Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill retinal diseases,gene therapy,nanotechnology
Zongdi Feng Principle Investigator Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital viral hepatitis,vaccines
Zongqi Xia Principal Investigator University of Pittsburgh Neurology,multiple sclerosis,microbiome
Zongwei Wang Instructor Massachussettes General Hospital diabetes complications,urology,oncology,phytotherapy
Zongwei Wang instructor Massachusetts General Hospital BPH,,diabetes complications,obesity,metabolic syndrome x
Zongyang Sun Associated Professor The Ohio State University bone regeneration
zoralong faculty U of M prevention
Zorana Ivcevic Pringle Research Scientist Yale University psychology- social
Zouidi PhD CHU immunology
Zoumana Isaac Traore Researcher/Administrative Officer Malian Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity infectious,emergencies,biosurveillance,biosecurity,Biosafety,Biocontainment,Global Health Security
ZP Jiang Professor New York University Control and dynamical systems,Systems neuroscience,networks,,Parkinson's disease,motor learning and control
Zsofia Meiszterics Research associate UAB cardiac imaging techniques
Zsolt Ablonczy Associate Professor of Ophthalmology MUSC diabetes complications
Zsolt Bagi Associate Professor GRU obesity complications

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