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Members Of Jordan

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Haya Alkhammash WHO Internship Programme world health organisation nutrition disorders,nutrition,nutrition therapy,nutritional and metabolic diseases,nutritional sciences,nutrition policy,anemia,diabetes,cancer,kidney diseases,malnutrition,obesity,obesity- abdominal,eating disorders,nutritional requirements,nutritive value,nutritional status,nutrtion,nutrition processes,nutritional support,nutritional physiological phenomena,nutrition surveys,nutrigenomics,health care evaluation mechanisms,health,dietitian,diet,pregnant women,infant care,infant food,children,refugee
Haya Erybeh Graduated Student Hashemite University biology,science,research,embryology,cell,genetics
Hayder Al-Domi Dr The University of Jordan diabetes mellitus- type 1
Hedaya Miss KHCC critical care
Hernandomt Porgan, Kapotth, Anog and Ketil Netherlands google Religion, spiritual
Heyam F Dalky Assistant Professor Jordan University of Science & technology/Faculty of Nursing/Community/Menal Health Department psychiatric nursing
Hisham Al Kukhun Dr. Harvard Medical School / Brigham and Women's hospital regenerative medicine,stem cell research,stem cells,kidney diseases,hematologic diseases,pluripotent stem cells,mesenchymal stem cell transplantation,cell differentiation,developmental biology
Hisham Al-Matubsi Prof University of Petra pregnancy,ovarian function tests,diabetes complications,diabetes- gestational
Hisham Issa Shabani Doctor Private clinic surgery,laparoscopy,bariatric surgery,endocrine surgical procedures,GI surgery
Hisham Issa Shabani Doctor Private clinic surgery,laparoscopy,GI surgery,Oncology surgery,endocrine surgical procedures,bariatric surgery
Hossam Mohammad Alsalim md jordanian royal medical service cosmetics
Husam Dr KAUH neurosurgery
Husam ALSalamat Research assistant University of Jordan pharmacology
ibrahim bani irshaid Dr khmc obgyn
Israa Student University of Jordan nutrition therapy
israa - - health,nutrition disorders,nutrition therapy
issa anesthesiologist anesthesia pain management
Jafar Mohammad Dr. KHCC Diagnostic and interventional radiology
jalal cancer center KHCC radiation oncology
Jamal Wadi Al Ramahi Infectious Diseases Consultant Jordan Hospital medical Center Antimmicrobials and stewardship
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Jamila Associate Professor Hashemite University nursing care
Jarir Al Khaledi Dr. Private Practice Recostructive Surgery
Jennifer Muhaidat Dr University of Jordan Geriatric physiotherapy
Josephrib make a good website google Running
jwana md no obs & gyne
Kais Burn and General Surgeon Private Practice General & Plastic Surgery
Kamal Chemical Engineering Faculty Higher Colleges of Technology drugs- essential,drugs- generic,QSAR,simulation
kamal Al-rabi MD king hussien cancer center lung cancer,CLL,immunotherapy- active
Kamil Ma'rouf Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon Kingdom Hospital orthopedics,hands-on,shoulder,hand surgery,knee,pediatric orthopedics
Khader Mustafa Professor in Medicine The University of Jordan connective tissue diseases
khaldon assistant professor Jordan University of science and technology cancer
khaldoon aldrabseh Student Non middle east
Khaled Professor Jordan University of Science and Technology veterinary medicine,mycotoxins,aflatoxins,ochratoxins,Dermatophytosis
Khaled Alkhawaldeh Doctor Royal Medical Services radiology department- hospital
Khaled Dibs Radiation oncology fellow King Hussein Cancer Center CNS
Khaled Maaita Dr Private practice /Former ass.professor of orthopaedic surgery /Muta University upper extremity,sport surgery
Khalid Plastic surgery specialist Royal Medical services reconstructive surgical procedures
Khalid Dr Zarqa University obesity
Khalid A Kheirallah Assit prof Jordan Uni of Science and Technology tobacco,adolescent health services,youth health,adolescent behavior
Khalil Assistant Professor University of Jordan Neurocritical Care
khawlah Ammar survey unit head KHCC surveys
Kusai ELMUSA MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Private clinic plastic surgery
lama zarqa Hashmiate university cancer,psychiatric department- hospital,forensic medicine,bone marrow transplantation,immunogenetics,genetics- medical,stem cell research,research
Lama Dr. Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Oncology
Lamees Hejazi Medical student -OBGYN ( midwife ) LSMU obstetrics and gynecology department- hospital,Pulmonology
Lana M. Agraib PhD student University of Jordan nutrition therapy,nutrition policy,nutrigenomics,nutritional and metabolic diseases
lana shabsough Student University of jordan public health
Lana Sunna Student Student at Jordan University Human Nutrition
Loai Alzghoul assistant professor The University of Jordan neurology and autism

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