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Members Of Jordan

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Amer alzeer Kuala terengganu Unisza hematology
Amin Associate Professor Mutah UN bacterial infections
Amjad Nuseir associate professor Jordan University of Science and Technology otolaryngology
Amjad Tayseer Shatarat Dr University of Jordan cardiovascular diseases
Ammar Almaaytah Dr Jordan University of Science and Technology Antimicrobial peptides
Anas Doctor Working in saudi saad specialist hospital infertility- female
anas RADIOLOGY DOCTOR ALBASHEER HOSPITAL radiology department- hospital
anas doctor saad hospital reproductive medicine
Anas Assocaite Professor Jordan University of Science and Technology foodborne diseases
Anfal Amman_jordan university of Jordan nutritional and metabolic diseases,nutrition (obesity)
anoud physician KHCC brain neoplasms,cancer
Ansam Doctor of pharmacy Amman g
Areej Abuhammad Assistant Prof University of Jordan vascular diseases,carbonic anhydrase inhibitors,antivirals
Areej Assaf Associate Professor The University of JOrdan Immunotherapy,inflammation,immunology,anticarcinogenic agents,anti-bacterial agents
Arwa Consultant King HUssein Cancer Center head and neck neoplasms
Asal Student JU public health,nutrition
AsamBiampiomb Bernado, Fadi, Taklar and Basir United states minor outlying i google Swimming
aseel amman jordan university nutrition therapy
Aseel Mrs Jordan University medicine
Aseel Intern Doctor University of Jordan psychiatry
Aseel Student University of Jordan orthopedic procedures
ASem Professor The Jordan University Antimicrobial agents
Asmaa Semrin MD Jordan University Hospital pediatrics
Aya Learning University architecture as topic
Ayad Head, Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant King Hussein Cancer Center stem cell transplantation,bone marrow failure,infectious complication
Ayman Zayed Consultant in Endocrinology @ Diabetes The University of Jordan endocrine glands
Baha' Teacher Ministry of Education neurosciences,biochemistry,molecular biology,genetic research
baker mohammed alammari AMMARI yemen arthroscopy
Bakr Dbakr Yemeni orthopaedics
Baraah Student The university of Jordan hematology,immunochemistry,clinical chemistry tests
Bashar Dr University of Jordan prosthesis design
Bashar Altaani Associate professor Jordan University of Science and Technology teriparatide
Bashar Mash'al Consultant Orthopedic, hip & Knee Surgeon Private Practice arthroplasty- replacement,arthroscopy
basil amarneh Professor JUST behavioral modfication,stress and coping
Bayan nutritionist university of jordan nutrition
Bayan Amro WHO internship University of Jordan nutrition,diabetes,obesity
Bilal Baker Dr KAMC gastric cancer
Boshra Ms University of Jordan pharmacy
christelle student University public health,cancer,Diabetes
Daifallah A. Falaileh Phesition M.O.H. Surgery
Dana Basem Alsafadi Research assisstant University of Jordan Cancer stem cells,neurosciences,stem cell research
Dana Darwish Dr. University of Petra infection control,cardiovascular diseases,pharmacy service- hospital,patient care management,patient compliance
Dana Khlifat Jordan / salt Student at University of Jordan diabetes mellitus,hypertension,breast neoplasms,colonic neoplasms,chemotherapy- cancer- regional perfusion
Dana Marei Student The university of Jordan pharmacists,cancer,pharmacy
Dareen rahahleh Al_salt / al_safeh/ sulaiman alnabulsi street Student at University of jordan breast neoplasms,colonic neoplasms,chemotherapy- cancer- regional perfusion,diabetes mellitus,hypertension,diabetes complications
Deema Ms Ju biology
Deema Jaber Assistant professor Zarqa University Clinical Pharmacy,molecular biology,microbiology,infectious disease medicine,diabetic foot,pharmacy practice
Diana H. Arabiat Associate Professor The University of Jordan nursing
Dima Sabbah Assistant Professor Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Computational Chemistry and Drug Design,Medicinal Chemistry
Dima Waleed AlHamad Senior student (undergraduate pharmacy) University of Sharjah research,drug discovery,drug effects,drug industry

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