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Members Of Hungary

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
A. Balog dr.med. Bern surgery
A. Takáts, MD head of movement disorders dept. Semmelweis University Dept.of Neurology parkinson disease
Ábel Tamás Altorjay M.D. University of Szeged gynecology,obstetrics,infertility- female
AchmedFloorge Mazin, Connor, Zarkos and Lester Germany google Religion, spiritual
Ádám Budai MD Scanomed Ltd. Nuclear medicine
Adam Feldmann Department of Behavioural Sciences University of Pécs, Medical School parkinson disease,neuroimaging,data mining
Adam Takacs PhD ELTE ADHD,impulsive behavior,tourette syndrome
Adel Jungling MD assistant professor University of Pecs,Medical School neurosciences
Adel Porpaczy clinical doctor University of Pécs- Heart Institution heart failure- diastolic,echocardiography
Adorján Varga PhD student University of Pécs - Clinical Center - Dept. of Medical Microbiology and Immunology Fecal microbiota transplatation,Clostridium difficile colitis
Adrien Racz MD NICN neurosurgery
Adrienn Biro MD Kaposi Mor Teaching Hospital Surgery,general surgery,surgery department- hospital,surgical procedures- minimally invasive,surgical procedures- operative,surgery- computer-assisted
Adrienn Grúz Research assistant/PhD student HAS Plant Protection Institute environmental pollution,ecotoxicology
Adrienn Nemeth Predoctoral fellow Semmelweis university diabetes mellitus,CKD,hypertension
Ágnes Enyedi Scientist II. Department of Pathology Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine tumor suppressor proteins
Agnes Enyedi Scientific Advisor Semmelweis University melanoma- experimental
Agnes Fekete Dr University of Reading nutritional and metabolic diseases
Agnes Kittel scientific advisor IEM HAS extracellular fluid
Agnes Maroti Ass. professor University of Szeged endocrinology,diabetes
Agnes Polyak PhD HAS-IEM Neurology,metabolic syndrome x,obesity,diabetes mellitus- type 2,insulin resistance
Agnes Tantos Dr. Institute of Enzymology, RCNS, HAS protein interaction mapping,protein structure
Agnes Vetro Head of Department SZTE Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry attention deficit and disruptive behavior disorders,depressive disorder- major,dna,depression,depressive disorder,child behavior disorders,hyperactivity
Akos Lukats Senior Assistant Professor Semmelweis University retinal cone photoreceptor cells
Akos Putics Dr. Gedeon Richter Plc. molecular biology,virology,microbiology,biochemistry,cell culture,protein expression
Al Nasar Ahmed Sehgal Master's Scholar University of Debrecen molecular biology,toxins- biological,ion channels
Alan Alpar MD PhD Semmelweis University neurodegenerative disorders
Alex Szolics M.D., Ph.D. University of Debrecen, Pandy Kalman county hosp interventional radiology,neurointervention
Alexandra Brunner MD Residant Semmelweis Universitity, Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Dermatooncology dermatology
Alexandra Kalmar Postdoctoral fellow Semmelweis University Oncology,colorectal neoplasms,genetics
Aliz Barakonyi tenured professor Pécs University reproductive immunology
Andor Domonkos Dr. Institute of Experimental Medicine neurosciences
Andor Hodossy-Viragh M.D. Semmelweis University surgery- plastic
András Attila Kiss Phd. student University of Szeged; Department of Genetics miopathy,collagen type iv
Andras Bikov Dr. Semmelweis University Asthma,COPD,sleep apnea- obstructive
Andras Fulop MD Semmelweis University 1st Department of Surgery liver
András Gézsi Mr Semmelweis University, Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology aging
Andras Guttman professor University of Debrecen pathology- molecular
András Horváth MD National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences neurology
András Horváth MD National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences neurology
András Magyar MD Jahn Ferenc South-Pest Teaching Hospital urology
Andras Meszaros MD University of Szeged, Institute of Surgical Research ischemia,reperfusion injury,biologically active gases,mitochondrial dysfunction
András Penyige assoc. prof. Univ. of Debrecen, Fac. medicine, Dept. Human Genetics thrombocyt
Andras Szarka Dr. Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science, Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics mitochondrial diseases,toxicology,cell death
Andras Szekely Mr Brokerwatch depression,suicide,prevention
András Székely Department of Radiology Kenézy Gyula Hospital Chest
András Szilágyi Mr University of Debrecen cardiovascular diseases,inflammation,tumors
Andras Telekes Prof. Dr. med.habil Bajcsy-zsilinszky Teaching Hospital Oncology,Clinical Pharmacology
Andrea Fekete MD, PhD Semmelweis University nephrology
Andrea Fogarasi-Grenczer assistant professor Semmelweis University Facultie of Helath Sciences family health,women's health
Andrea Heinzlmann assisiate professor Semmelweis University autism

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