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Members Of Afghanistan

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
ahmad jawed international ACS NSQIP scholarships fmic(french medical institute for children surgery
ahmad reshad Dr FMIC diagnostic imaging
AimalMowheed Health AMC improve our knowledge
AJMAL Specialist Mussa Wardak Hospital joints
Ajmal Khan student COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD tissue regeneration
amna Dr. ministry of public health biology
Amna Mehmood Dr. National Public Health Laboratories oncology
Antoniodul ЗАЩИТНЫЕ ПЛЁНКИ google Football
awabgr Lecturer Nangarhar Medical Faculty infectious diseases, tropical medicine, pediatrics
Bahara officer Ministry of Public Health public health
Basir Ahmad Pharmacy Gulf medical university nutritional sciences,nutritional and metabolic diseases
Bilal Ahmad Rahimi Assoc. Prof. of Pediatrics Kandahar University pediatrics
CharlesVed first resource google club, discussion
Christaloavy Отель «Артемида» онлайн фильм q c a google Video games
Dannyeveft встречи с мужчиной google Walking, hiking
DavidFat We Will Consider Your Request To Write My Essay! google Watching sports
DavidHic computer google Walking, hiking
DavidPEx best site google club, discussion
DouglasRhymn Trying To Find The Best Diet Pill? google Skiing
Dr. Mirza Khan Project Manager BARAN public health practice
Dunya Doctor French Medical Institute for Children pediatric surgery
Emal wardak Orthopedic surgeon Wakh joint diseases,spinal cord injuries
Esmatullah Hamed Neurologist French Medical Institute for Children Epilepsy
Faisal General surgery resident MoPH cardiac surgery
Faisal General surgery resident MoPH cardiac surgery
Farooq Mr. Health Protection and Research Organization Human Resources,,Malaria,health system
fatemeh taheri kharazmi univercity biotechnology
Fazal Yamin Dr MoPH dermatology,disease survielance and control
fereshteh bme pnu 52
Feroza Advisor Board Member Afghan Midwives Association Psychology Clinical,midwifery
Feroza President Afghan Midwives Association public health
Feroza Advisory Board Member Afghan Midwives Association psychology- clinical
Habibullah Habib CDC Manager Bakhtar Development Network public health informatics,Managment
Habibullah Habib Communicable Diseasis Control Manager Bakhtar Development Network communicable disease control
Hafizullah Asadi doctor WHO in situ hybridization- fluorescence
Haji Mohammad Naimi Professor Kabul University microbiology,,epidemiology,pharmacy
Hamayon eHealth Program Coordinator AKHS,A eHealth
Hamed Masoud Community Based Health Care Program Technical Consultant Ministry of Public health public health
Hameedullah Mandozai Microbiologist,Medical Lab Technologist French Medical institute For Mothers And Children (FMIC) Kabul Afghanistan Clinical Microbiiology,infection control
Hamid Elmyar Dr. Montclair State University pediatrics,community health services
Hamid Momand Technical Advisor HIS strengthening MoPH Kabul Research and Health Informatics
Hamidemagree Sanford, Quadir, Brant and Dan Chad google Museums and art
Hanana hosai Medical student Zawul institute of higher education cardiology
Hidayatullah Dr French Medical Institute for children radiology
Husna Health Ministry of Public Health public health,research,epidemiologic research design,epidemiologic methods
Ihsanullah SHAHIR General Director for Human Resource MoPH medical dorctor + Health managment
Islam Dr ANPHI public health
Jahed Nabil project manager Move public health
Jamessem exlhxop google Dancing
Jamshaid Urologist Blossom health care afghanistan

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