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Members Of Cuba

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Aileen MSc, Assistant Profesor IPK Tropical deseases,microbiology
Alain MD. Lenn General University Hospital Critical care
Alberto MD MPH FACC Ministry of Cuban Public Health. Cardiocentro Ernesto Che Guevara. Villa Clara cardiology,cardiac imaging techniques,hypertension,cardiovascular prevention,cardiovascular diseases,evidence-based medicine
alberto phd cigb pharmacogenomic
Alejandro Esperón Lic. CNGM Medical Genetics
Alina Master in Epidemiology Instituto Pedro Kourí ARV
Amalia Ruiz PhD in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology CEAC Nanomedicine,magnetic nanoparticles,biomedicine,nanobiotechnology
Amanda Researcher CIDEM antimicrobial cationic peptides
Amparo macias Abraham research and develepment Center of Molecular Immunology cancer vaccines
Ana Project Leader Center of Molecular Immunology cancer vaccines
Ana Calzada Reyes PhD MD Legal Medicine Institute brain mapping
Ana Ivis Neuropsychology Neuropsychology Neuropsychology
Ana Ivis Peñalver Guia National Institute of Neurology INN neuropsychology
Ana Laura Añe Kouri Medical Doctor, Biochemistry resident ICBP Victoria de Giron infectious disease medicine,molecular biology,inmunology
Ana Laura Añe-Kouri MD University of Medical Sciences, Havana cancer, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases
ANASAGASTI Lorenzo Head of research and educatationn Instituto de Oncología Comunitary medicine,cancer diagnosis and therapy,cancer clinical trials,cancer programs,cancer resarch
Angel MD; PhD Center for Molecular Immunology cancer treatment
Angel Alberto Noda MSc Tropical Medicine Institute Pedro Kouri Antimicrobial
Angel Alberto Noda Infectious diseases Tropical medicine Institut Pedro Kouri Molecular biology
Angel Antonio Entrena García PhD CENPALAB veterinary,tropical parasitology
Angel Escobedo Medical Parasitologist Academic Paediatric Hospital Pedro Borrás Parasitology
Anna MSc Ing genetica biomedical research
Antonio Vázquez Head of Laboratory of Malacology Institute Pedro Kouri fasciolosis,freshwater snails
Armando Rodriguez Dr. Hannover Medical School peptides,toxins- biological,ion channels,proteins,chromatography,toxinology,marine toxins,discovery,marine chemistry,natural products
Beatriz Sierra Full profesor, Senior Researcher Pedro Kouri Institute for Tropical Medicine flavivirus
Benitokephova Tjalf, Dargoth, Osmund and Trompok Malaysia google Golf
Bogdanapr СТЕКЛОИЗДЕЛИЕ google Football
Brizaida company CIGB cancer Biology
Carlos Manuel Alonso-Hernandez PhD Centro de Estudios Ambientales de Cienfuegos environmental pollutants
Carmen Soto Febles MSc MES Cancer
Celia M Limia-León MSc Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí sexually transmitted diseases
ChrisBlogs uhbdmax google Basketball
Claudia Biology Faculty Havana University autonomic nervous system,parkinsonian disorders
Claudia Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Biotechnology,Inmunology,Microbiology
Claudia Facultad de Biología Universidad de La Habana biomedicine,molecular biology
Claudia Facultad de Biología Universidad de La Habana molecular biology,biomedicine
Claudia B. Sc. Havana University autonomic nervous system,parkinson disease,ataxia,diabtes
Claudia Bachelor of Biology Havana University aging,neuroinflammation,Parkinson desease,quantitive assesment of autonomic function
Claudia Carricarte Professor University of Havana autonomic nervous system,neurophysiology,heart rate,cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy,neuroscience,computational biology,neurodegenerative disorders,parkinson disease,autonomic function assessment,heart rate variability,biomedicine,biomedical research
Consuelo Dr, PhD Tropical Medical Institute Pedro Kourí antiviral agents
Danae Medicina Facultad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana medicine
Dania Bacardí Fernández PhD Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology neuroscience,Toxicology
Dania Bacardí Fernández Dr Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology toxicity tests,safety,pharmacology,animal experimentation
Dania Vázquez Blomquist PhD CIGB Cancer and Genomic
Daniel Limonta MD, PhD Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine Microbiology
Daniel Palenzuela Researcher CIGB pharmacogenetics
DavidCessy Новое, лучшее, полезное любому пользователю инета google Playing cards
Denise Dorvignit Pedroso MSc Center of Moelcular Immunology cancer glycobiology
Dennis Professor FBIO autonomic nervous system,electrophysiology,biomedical research,neuroethology
Dennis Almaguer Gotay MSc. Center for Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary Ataxias -CIRAH- Hereditary ataxia,Neurodegenerative disease,oxidative stress

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