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Members Of Cameroon

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
ABA AKAM Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Johns Hopkins - GVFI epidemiological monitoring,database management systems
ABANDA Emmanuel clinical biologist HIV Free infectious disease medicine
Abanda Ngon National Coordinator Cameroon Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect - CASPCAN Ophtalmology
ABEH ALAIN Mr Faculty of medicine research report
ABENE NNOMA Biologist CPC biological science disciplines
Abeng Claudia Dr NOC nutritional and metabolic diseases,public health,bioinformatics
Abeng Mireille Claudia Doctor National obesity Center, Cameroon diabetes mellitus
ABONGWEN WOUABO Rochelle MSc student université evangelique du cameroun cancer
ACHA ESTER BESUMBU Miss University of Buea microbiological techniques
ACHANGWA Miss FAIRMED-CAMEROON infectious disease medicine
Achiangia Fualefac Mr. Global Health Solution Systems infectious disease medicine,diabetes mellitus- type 2,hiv
Acho Fon Abongwa MD Biotechnology Centre, University of Yaounde I infectious disease medicine,public health,hiv
Achukwi Mbunkah Daniel Director of Research TOZA Research Foundation onchocerciasis
Adama Awasom Medical Doctor Private Practice obstetrics and gynecology department- hospital
Adande Balbine Clémence Master University of Douala Tropical deseases
Adidja AMANI Head of Child and Newborn Health MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HEALTH maternal,newborn and child health,quality of care,stillbirths
Aflfred K. NJAMNSHI Professor Faculty of Medicine, University of Yaoundé 1, Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon neurology
Agathe Lafleur EBONGO mademoiselle Faculté de médecine et des sciences biomédicales de l'université de yaounde I paludisme
Agathe Nkouawa Dr Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies diagnosis-related groups,epidemiology
Agokeng sylvie Phd student University of buea anemia- iron-deficiency
Ahmadou Musa JINGI Dr (Internist) Faculty of Medicine. University of yaounde 1 cardiology,Diabetology,hypertension
Ahmadou Musa Jingi Dr Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. University of Yaounde 1. Cameroon. Internal Medicine
Ailaoa Ballock, Innostian, Vatras and Karrypto Belgium google Playing cards
Aimé Gabriel Fankam PhD University of Dschang anti-infective agents,anticancer,microbial sensitivity tests,biochemistry
Aissatou abba Master student in Immunology School of health sciences/Catholic University of Central Africa Immunology
AKALE Julie Chancelle PharmD Minsante pharmacies
Akaolisa Chikaeze Carlson Postgraduate Researcher University of Buea, Cameroon Epidemiology,Biostatistics,Implementation Research,Monitoring and Evaluation,Geographic Information Systems,Global Health
Akateh Derek medical doctor Addis Ababa University public health,Global health,infectious disease transmission- patient-to-professional,tropical medicine
Akemfua Fualefac Mr Global Health Sytsems Solutions HIV and Cancer,TB
Akindeh M. Nji Dr. Laboratory for Public Health Research Biotechnology, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon malaria- falciparum,infectious disease transmission- patient-to-professional
Ako Carole-Shennelle Student Medical student renal,kidney,HIv
Ako Egbe Manna Eneke Dr District Hospital sexual and reproductive health,obstetric surgical procedures,adolescent medicine
AKO-EGBE LOUIS Doctor/District Medical Officer Bangem Health District, Ministry of Public Health public health administration
Akongnwi Emmanuel Mugyia Mr University of Buea/Centre Pasteur du Cameroon/Ministry of Public Health leukaemia
AKOUE NGAPE Rodrigue Medical student Higher Institute of Medical Technology Yaounde clinical medicine,tropical medicine
Akuli Biche Akuli Biseh Osong Engeineer/Biostatistician Ghent University biostatistics,data mining
alain Dr UMa peptidyl-dipeptidase a
Alain CHICHOM MEFIRE Dr Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea General surgery
Alain Kenfak Dr Organization of Cameroon Medical Doctor (Medcamer) infectious disease medicine,internal medicine,infection control
Albert Nyanga Dr Mbingo Baptist Hospital infectious disease medicine,nephrology
Aletum Vero M.D. Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaounde I health services research,health care sector,public health surveillance
Alexandre Noah Assistant Professor University of Douala infectious disease medicine
Alexis ZOA Pharmacist FMBS-Cameroon public health,pharmacoepidemiology
alfiery Mr university entomology
Alfred Mokom Awa Dr Banso Baptist Hospital Surgery
Alice resident in ENT department saint-petersburg state pediatric medical university otorhinolaryngologic diseases,hearing loss- sensorineural,hearing disorders,hearing aids
Alogo à Nwatsok Marthe yaounde 1 university ONCOLOGY
alonge ivo ebule Mr School of laboratory technicians, yaounde microbiological techniques,immunoenzyme techniques,helicobacter pylori
Alvine NGOUTANE MFOPA Reseracher PhD University of Yaoundé I public health,biological assay
AMBASSA AXEL CYRIAQUE PhD Student University of Yaoundé I biochemistry

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