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Members Of Vietnam

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Huyen Lecturer Tan Tao University pediatrics
Huyen Truong Linh Ms Hanoi University of Science Cancer Stem cell,Cancer signalling
Huynh Anh Tuan MD, MSc Hoan My Cuu Long hospital Tuberculosis,HIV/AIDS,Interstitial lung disease
Huynh Ba Dong Nhat Student Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University neurosurgery,surgery,medicine
Huynh Ha Senior Research Assistant Oxford University Clinical Research Unit antimicrobial resistance
HUYNH KY HUYNH Cantho University Vietnam
Huynh Thi Hoai Thu Education University of Medicine and Pharmacy pharmacies,public health
Huynh Trung Trieu Ms Hospital for Tropical Diseases infectious diseases
James Ian Campbell Research Microbiologist Oxford University Tropical Medicine microbiology,infectious disease medicine,veterinary medicine
JamesAllef Дешёвые цветы купить онлайн google Coffee and conversation
Jamespar I've tried out just about everything could anybody help me out?=(( google Political interests
Jeremy Day Assoc. Prof. OUCRU HIV,Meningitis,envenomation,mycology
Joeyideluff Rendell, Angir, Gnar and Mufassa Chad google Yoga
Jorntwisp Volkar, Bozep, Basir and Felipe Bhutan google Hobbies and crafts
Juliet Bryant Head of Lab Oxford University rabies virus
Justin Dr OUCRU anti-infective agents
Katrina Lawson Grants and Communications Manager Oxford University Clinical Research Unit - Vietnam Infectious diseases,tropical medicine,Zoonoses
KayorOutfiva Milten, Carlos, Abe and Ernesto Seychelles google Business networking
Kelsi Chen MD Vietnam Osteoporosis Study osteoporosis,pediatrics,gene targeting,genetics- medical,internal medicine
Kevinmek ufa_sintez google Watching sports
Khai Phan Pharmacist HCMC University of medicine and pharmacy pharmacy,public health,pharmacy service- hospital
Khang general practioner Can Tho Medical University orthopedic,urologist,surgeon
Khang Tran Student Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University Nephrology,Cardiology
Khanh Hoang Nguyen PhD student University of Birmingham environmental pollutants,Organic pollutants,POPs,endocrine disruptors,Metabolites,Analytical chemistry,mass spectrometry
Khanh Le Nguyen Bao National Institute of Nutrition National Institute of Nutrition school nutrition
Khanh Ly Undergraduate International University - Vietnam National University - HCMC anti-bacterial agents
Khanh Ngoc Dr. VAST - INPC Leukemia
Khanh Nguyen Ms. International University - Vietnam National University HCM City pharmaceutical engineering,biomedical engineering,nanotechnology,cancer,global health
Khanh Nguyen Ngoc MD National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hanoi, Vietnam metabolism- inborn errors
Khanh Pham Doctor Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine cardiology
Khanh Vo PhD Doshisha University molecular biology
Khieu Thi Thuy Ngoc Deputy Head of TB National Reference Laboratory National Lung Hospital molecular biology, genetics
Khieu Thi Thuy Ngoc Deputy Head of TB National Reference Laboratory National Lung Hospital molecular biology, genetics
Khoa doctor Choray hospital arthroscopy,mipo,trauma,arthroplasty
Khoa Fellowship Cho ray hospital medical assistance
Khoa Tran Student University Of California Los Angeles Biology,Medicine,cardiology
Khoi Dang Resident University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City trauma centers
Khoi Huynh Minh Mr IU biomedical engineering
Khoi Nguyen Assistant Professor VNU phototherapy
Khon Huynh Lecturer International University fibronectin,ecm,cancer metastasis
Khuong Van Dinh Dr. Nha Trang University Ecology,environmental pollution,Evolution,climate change,marine biology,freshwater biology,invasive species
Kien BEng. Pasteur Institute HCM public health
Kien Nguyen Medical Statistician Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology Public Health,, clinical trial
Kien Nguyen Mr HSPH informatics
Kieu Minh Duc Researcher National Institute of Nutrition, Vietnam molecular biology,antibiotic resistance,microbiology,immunology,microbial genetic
Kim Medical doctor Ho Chi Minh city Oncology Hospital Pathology
Kim Anh Dang Student Hanoi Medical University cancer vaccines
Kim Hoang Dr Mosqentec Ltd Mosquito genetic control
Kim Xuan Loan Mrs Medicine and Pharmacy University of Ho Chi Minh City epidemiology,and Public Health
KurtWhawayCeW Mine-Boss, Tempeck, Ugrasal and Sugut Niue google Baseball

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