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Members Of Vietnam

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Ho Anh Son Dengue in Vietnam Vietnamese Military Medical University infection control
Hoa Miss Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy nutrition and chronic diseases,nutrition and musculoskeletal diseases,food trust,nutrition and lifestyle factors,nutrition and physical activities in the elderly people
Hoa Executive Dang Hung chemical company Bioinformatics
Hoa post doc OUCRU influenza
Hoa Nguyen Internship Hanoi medical University Surgical Oncology
Hoai Ton Postdoc Georgetown University ion channels
Hoang Anh Nguyen Dr. Institute for Environment & Resources bioinformatics
hoang dinh anh hao Surgery Hue Universuty of Medicine and Pharmacy orthopedic,knee joint,shoulder,hip,ankle
Hoang Dinh Tuyen Mr. Faculty of Public Health, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy biostatistics,demography,health literacy,public health
Hoang Le Research Assistant VNU University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi Immunology,Bioengineering,Cell Therapy
Hoang Le Tuan Anh Dr Institute of Marine Biochemistry cancer,infectious disease medicine,Tropical Diseases,,Hepatology,Diabetes,Obstetrics
Hoàng Minh Thư apply scholarship Bà/Cô cancer
Hoang Ngoc Medical student Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine surgery
Hoang Than Resident University of Medical and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh city radiology- interventional
Hoang The Duy Bai Chay Hospital Bai Chay Hospital medicine
Hoang Tran Mr Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi, Vietnam HIV/AIDS
Hoang Van Minh Dr. Hanoi Medical University prevention & control
Hoc Doctor Cho Ray hospital orthopedics
Hong An Dentistry University dentistry- operative
Hong Anh Lecturer Thanh Tay University Nursing
hồng khang pnt student internal
Hong Tran Ms HSPH Mortality data,health information systems,data quality,verbal autopspy
HongPhuong Chu Undergraduate student University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh city cardiology
Hứa Thanh Uy Resident Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine Surgery,cancer,phd
Huan Dortor Ha Noi preventive medicine center public health
Hue Mrs. Hanoi Medical University research design,public health
Hue Nguyen Dr. University of Science, Vietnam National University, Ho chi Minh city genetics- microbial,environmental health
Hue Nguyen Dr International University hiv protease inhibitors
Hung Ph.D. Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology helminths
Hung Nguyen-Ngoc Graduate Student Mahidol University Nutrition,nutritional and metabolic diseases,nutrition therapy,nutritional support
Hung TM Ass. Professor, PhD Pharmaceutical Biology Division, Institute for Research and Executive Education (VNUK), The University of Danang, Vietnam pharmacognosy,chemistry- pharmaceutical
Huong Dr. Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources environmental health,environmental pollution,environmental remediation
Huong Dr. School of Medicine and Pharmacy Drug discovery and development,Pharmacoinformatics,molecular biology,natural medicine,drug delivery systems
Huong Doctor Nimpe NTD
Huong Ms Hanoi Medical University Public Health
Hương Man Vietduc hospital nephrology
Huong Bui Head laboratory National Institute of Nutrition resistant,food microbiology
Huong Bui Department Head National Istitute of Nutrition public health,food safety,nutritional sciences
Huong Nguyen General Doctor University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh city Pediatrics
Huong Nguyen PhD, MD Dinh Tien Hoang Institute of Medicine Stroke,osteoporosis- postmenopausal
Huong Nguyen Dr. Tay Nguyen University forestry remote sensing
Huơng T Ho Doctor 1987 public health
Huong Xuan Infectious diseases University of Science asia- southeastern
Huu Huu Hue college of medicine and pharmacy oncology
Huy Pediatric Childre Hospital 2 pediatrics
Huy Ha Dr ISMS preventive medicine
Huy Le Quang Lecturer Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Infection disease and traumatology
Huy Phuoc Do Mr Pham Ngoc Thach University immunochemistry
Huy Thanh Vo D.Eng Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering Water disinfection by pressurized CO2,wastewater treatment after flooding
Huy Tran Dr. Ho Chi Minh city University of Medicine and Pharmacy NeuroOphthalmology

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