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Members Of Vietnam

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Van-Long Truong Ph.D Inje University medicine,phytochemicals,chemoprevention,toxicity
Vi T Dang Ms 1991 molecular biology,molecular medicine,gene expression regulation,genetics- microbial
VIET HUNG DOAN Medical Doctor Highland Hospital trauma, Arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, Adult joint reconstruction of the knee hip shoulder and elbow
Vincent Nguyen Doctor University of Medicine Radiology,radiology- interventional,radiology department- hospital
VO Associate Prof VNU University of Science diagnosis
Vo Mrs HCM city Eye Hospital Ophthalmology
Võ Châu Hoàng Long University of Medicine and Pharmacy Ho Chi Minh City University eye,anatomy,so on,medicine,pharmacy,biochemistry,chemistry
VO HAI SON Head of Department of Monitor and Evaluation Vietnam Authority of HIV/AIDS Control, Ministry of Health public health surveillance,public health informatics,hiv
Vo Hoai Bac Dr.re.med Institute of Biotechnology, VAST intravital microscopy, biology
Vo Hoai Bac Dr.re.med Institute of Biotechnology, VAST intravital microscopy,biology
Vo Hoang Nhat Phong Research Associate Asian Institute of Technology Wastewater treatment,Micropollutant,Phytoremediation,Renewable energy
Vo minh tue Medical student Hue university of medicine and pharmacy thoacic,surgery
Võ Minh Việt Medical student Tan Tao University cardiology
Vo Thi Bao Chau Dr Pham Ngoc Thach University of medicine ophthalmology
Voi Clinical Research Coordinator Hospital for Tropical Diseases biostatistics,epidemiology,public health,health economic
Vu A.Nguyen Internship Department of Health Psychology, Ho Chi Minh city University of Medicine and Pharmacy mental health,health psychology,behavior therapy
Vu Duc Quang Staff of Coagulation department National institute of hematology and blood tranfusion hematology, coagulation, hemostasis
Vu Duong Doctor Institute of Physics Dioxin,Environtmental pollutant,Chemical analysis
VU DUY KIEN Researcher Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam epidemiology,inequity,non-communicable diseases,health financing
Vu Khanh Physician Hung Vuong Hospital maternal-fetal relations
Vu Nguyen Thanh Assoc. Prof. Food Industries Research Instiute antifungal agents,yeasts,systematics,diversity
Vu Nguyen Tuan Medical student University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh city Surgery,urogenital system,gastroenterology
Vu Thi Hau Bach Mai Radiology Vietnam otolaryngology
Vu Thi Phuong Thao Dermatologist-Resident Ho Chi Minh city Hospital of Dermato-Venereology dermatology
Vu Thuy Huong Le Health Profession Education Centre Hanoi Medical University public health,global health,gender
Vu Van Giap Assoc Prof, MD, PhD Bach Mai Hospital pulmonary disease- chronic obstructive
Vu Van Minh MD Candidate Hanoi Medical University biomedical research,biostatistics
Vu Van Quang Pediatrics Depatment of Pediatrics, Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy infection control practitioners,immunogenetics
Vuong Nong MSc Hanoi Medical University HIV
Vuong Tan Tu Researcher Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources Infections and Infectious Disease
Vuong Thi Ngoc Lan doctor University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City ivf,obstetric labor complications
Vuong Tuan Phong Student Biodiversity Conservation and Tropical Disease Research Institute Embryo technology,Zoonosis,Veterinary Medicine
Vy Student Medicine and Pharmacy Hue of university hospital volunteers
Xuan Pham Ngoc Thach university Educational institution dermatology
xuan Dung Ho MD Hue university of medicine and pharmacy cancer,chemotherapy
Xuan Nguyen Doctor PNT university of Medicine surgery,oncology service- hospital,abdomen- acute,research
Xuan Uyen Phan Thuy Post-doctoral Research Associate University of Georgia Food Science
Xuan-Hung Nguyen Group leader VRISG Narcolepsy
Yen Ms Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Public health,Reproductive health
Yen Hmu Hmu gastroenterology
Yokianstaiptbam Abbas, Esiel, Dudley and Olivier Japan google Volunteering

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