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Members Of United Kingdom

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
A Ali Dr BCUHB obstetrics
A Didangelos Dr King's College London spinal cord injuries
A Holmes Professor Imperial College infectious disease medicine
A Khand Dr university hospital aintree coronary artery disease
A M El-Tawil Mr University Hospital Birmingham surgery,gastroenterology,inflammatory bowel diseases,Urology,Oncology,Plastic Surgery,Vascular Surgery
A Oshowo Dr Whittington hospital surgery
A Rana Dr University of Cambridge stem cells
A Saha Dr James Cook University radiology
A Sanz Montero PhD Newcastle University Biomedicine
A Talman Dr WTSI malaria
a.hassiotis Professor UCL Psychiatry
Aaliya Ahmed Programmes Manager WFSA (World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists) Anaesthesia
Aamir Ahmed Head of Stem Cell and Prostate Cancer Group King's College London prostate,cancer,therapy,signal transduction,stem cells
Aamir Khan COnsultant Surgeon Royal Marsden Hospital liver neoplasms
Aanisah Sherbaz student university of nottingham medicine
Aarif Eifan Doctor Imperial College London Asthma,
Aaron Dr QUB microbiology,pharmacy
Aaron Ben-Joseph Dr QMUL parkinson disease
Aaron Gardner Dr Newcastle University cystic fibrosis
Aaron Karat Dr London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Public health
Aaron McLean Dr QMUL Neuroscience
Aaron Reeves Dr University of Oxford D011057,D014376,D012923
Aaron Richard Jeffries Dr University of Exeter Medical School epigenomics,genetics,RNA,neuroscience
Aaron Tan Student University College London nanotechnology
Aartjan te Velthuis Lecturer University of Oxford RNA viruses
Aayush Shah Graduate Student University College London regenerative medicine,nanotechnology,biotechnology
Aban Gautam Dr Plymouth University diabetes mellitus
Abbas Omaar Mr Chatham House Infectious disease,antimicrobial resistance,one health,private sector,social entrepreneurship,innovation
Abbey Thorpe PhD student Sheffield Hallam university regenerative medicine,stem cell,bone,intervertebral disc
Abbey Thorpe Miss Sheffield Hallam University regenerative medicine
Abbie Administrative Support Officer King's College London psychiatry,Psychology,Neuroscience
Abd Alhadi Hasan Mr Nottingham university schizophrenia
Abd Tahrani NIHR Clinician Scientist University of Birmingham and Birmingham Heartlands Hospital obesity,sleep,sleep apnea syndromes,sleep apnea- obstructive,sleep disorders- circadian rhythm,sleep deprivation,microvascular,diabetic angiopathies,diabetic foot,diabetic nephropathies,diabetic retinopathy,diabetic neuropathies
Abda Miss London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Emergecy Medicine
Abdelaziz Doctor Queen's University Belfast public health,gastroenterology
Abdelaziz Beqqali Dr. University of Edinburgh heart failure,RNA,splicing,cardiomyopathies,rna binding
Abdelkader Hamad Mr Robert Jones Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital spinal diseases
Abderrahmane Kaidi Principal Investigato and Lecturer University of Bristol dna breaks- double-stranded,chromatin,cell cycle checkpoints,nuclear envelope,lamina
Abdul-Rahman Adamu Bukari Mr University of Bath microbiology
Abdulazeez Salawu Dr Nhs lung cancer
Abdulla Badawy Professor Cardiff Metropolitan University Clinical Biochemistry
Abdullah Alghannam Post-doctoral Researcher University of Bath Nutrition,physiology,Exercise
Abdullah Saeed Dr Nottingham University Hospitals Interventional radiology
Abdus samad Dr University college London ophthalmology,neurosciences
Abebaw Mengistu Yohannes Dr Manchester Metropolitan University COPD
Abeer Dr UCL Paediatric
Abeer Shaaban Dr University of Birmingham breast neoplasms
Abel Tesfai Mr Imperial College London sepsis and malnutrition
Abha Maheshwari Dr NHS Grampian fertility preservation

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