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Members Of Tunisia

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Hadj Abdallah Najet High Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir High Institute physiology
Hafewa Bargaoui PhD Student Higher Institute of Management of Tunis computer
Haifa master's degree not yet oncology,biochemistry,microbiological phenomena,genetic association studies,bioinformatic
Haifa Ben Gharsa PhD Faculty of Sciences of Tunis toxicology,bacteriology,biology molecular,immunology
Haitham SGHAIER Dr. Ir. National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technology (CNSTN) alzheimer disease,neurodegenerative diseases
Hajer Ayari Jeridi PhD Laboratory of genetics, Immunology and human pathologies oncology
Hajer Siala Doctor, PhD Children Hospital of Tunis thalassemia
hamdi National institute of agricuture water and forestes inrgref biology,botany,salt stress,abiotic stress,biochimist,usa,china
HAMMOUDA DR LACRESNE TUNISIA chemistry techniques- analytical
hamzaoui Doctor Faculty of science of tunis, tunisia hydrochemistry,natural science disciplines,geology,health
hana hana faculté des sciences tunis immunologic surveillance
Hanana Mohsen assistant professor CBBC biotechnology
Hanen PhD student unit IMEC faculty of sciences of Bizerte cardiobacterium,sepsis,microbial interactions,microbiology,immunologie,biofilm,peptides antibacterien,streptocoques oraux,streptococcus mutans,biotechnology,biofilm oral
Hanen PhD in biology University of Science immunology and bacteriology,infectious disease medicine,chlamydia infections,infertility- male
Hanen Jannadi PhD faculty of sciences of Bizerte, University of carthage microbiology,immunology
Hanène PhD faculty COPD
Haouas Houda Teacher-Researcher National Institte of Applied Sciences and Technology Acuteleukemia
Hassen BEN JEMAA MD Private office practice surgery- plastic
hassen kamoun Head of laboratory CHU Hédi Chaker genetic
Hassen Teyeb Dr (PhD biological sciences) Faculty of Medecine of Monastir Toxicology Biochemistry
hatem majdoub professor faculté des sciences de monastir anticoagulants,thrombin
Hatem Najar Medical student Faculty of Medicine of Tunis cardiology,internal medicine
Hayet Mhenni Project Manager Institut Pasteur de Tunis management service organizations
hedi gharsallah MD Faculté de médecine de tunis anesthesiology,intensive care
Hedi KRIFA Professor Sahloul University Hospital Sousse neurosurgery
Heithem PhD Institut für Botanik biologie
Hela Kallel group leader Institut Pasteur de Tunis vaccines
HerbertVes Hello! I am glad to join you google Playing cards
Houda PhD CHU Farhat Hached Sousse genetic research
Houda Snène Medical Doctor Mongi Slim Hospital at La Marsa pulmonary medicine,allergy and immunology,oncologic nursing
HSSEN Doctor UNESP Quimica,Araraquara Glasses,optical fibers,waveguide,judd-ofelt,silver nanoclusters,white emission,smart window
Hssine Radiologist Clinic radiology,radiology- interventional
Ichrak Riahi-Chebbi Ph.D in cellular and molecular biology Pasteur Institute of Tunis cancer treat,cancer biology
Iheb Bougmiza Associate professor College of Medicine, Sousse university Cancer epidemiology
ikram laboratory of microbial and bio molecule complex LMBA faculty of science in tunis hepatitis- viral- human
Imed HELAL doctor Charles Nicolle Hospital nephrology
Imen Phd Faculté de pharmacie microbiology,virology,molecular biology,environment and public health
IMEN Veterinary Researcher Pasteur Institut of Tunis data mining,neural network,data analysis,risk factors
IMEN BELGUITH PhD student faculty of science of sfax oncologyy and microRNAs,molecular biology,female infertility,biomarkers
Imen Bendaya PhD Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte diabetes mellitus- type 2,cardiovascular diseases,stat1 transcription factor,stat6 transcription factor,ppar gamma,cd34,cd36
Imen fatnassi PhD. Doctor Engineer Biotechnology Microbiology National Agency of Sanitary and Environmental Control of Products genetic research,genetic engineering
Imen Medimegh PhD university of tunis el manar epigenesis- genetic,breast diseases
Imen REJEB Assistant professor Department of Genetics Mongi Slim Hospital La Marsa Tunisia intellectual disability,male infertility,Breast Cancer,familial mediterranean fever,brain malformation
Imene Horrigue public health doctor Academic Hospital of Sahloul public health
Ines Student ESPRIT big data
ines DR fACULTY OF sCİENCES OF bİZERTE molecular biology,Plant physiology
Ines endaoud Lecturer UOH genetics
ines Othman PhD student faculty of sciences of bizerte meningitis,enterovirus
ines sifaoui phd INSAT antiparasitic agents
ines sifaoui doctorant INSAT antiparasitic agents

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