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Members Of Somalia

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
abdifitah mohamud mohamed head clinicl pharmacy unit university of health science malnutrition,malaria,vaccination
Abdikadir Postgraduate Student University of Nairobi Tropical and Infectious Diseases
abdikarim Associate professor in medical microbiology Hargeisa university anti-bacterial agents
Abdirahman Omar Doctor Medical doctor cardiology
Abdirahman Omar Doctor Medical doctor cardiology
ABDIWALI MOHAMED AHMED Director General (DG) Ministry of Health-Galmudug State of Somalia Health System Management
abdulhakim mumin salih husein MBBS refugee in south africa tropical medicine,tb,dermatitis
abdullahi hussein member somali pharmacist association pharmaceutical s
Abdulrazak Ibrahim Medical Doctor Medicines sans Frontieres (French section) public health
Achmedsnarf Tempeck, Ugo, Hjalte and Armon Bolivia google Hobbies and crafts
Ahlam M&E officer International Medical Corps M&E,nutrition surveys,mother and child health,disaster planning
Ali Mohamed Salah Health Coordinator RDI Global Health
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Ascentspv REG google Football
Cliffdex Joe Bonamassa tour dates google Performing arts
Deka Dimbil Medical doctor SOS CHILDREN'S Village ces
Dr Mahad NCD Director MoH public health practice,epidemiology,nutrition policy
Dr. Abdiqani Sheikh Omar National Malaria Director Ministry of Health Somalia public health
Fartun Volunteers coordinator CDPHP Medicine
Fatima Ms University of Sharjah cancer
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Haroldfut Работа Челябинск google Music and concerts
huda +91-40-27682364 Osmania university , HYD , India microbiology
Kelvinces мебельный щит челябинск google Резьба по дереву
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liban hussein doctor Ayan hospital immunology
liban hussein doctor Ayan hospital immunology
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Mohamed Abdullahi Awale Surgeon and lecturer international hospital, benadir university urology
naima student university reading
ocepedaquyok The twitch high-technology glare, saturations. google Football
Omar Sheikh Mohamud Nur Field project Manager INTERSOS trials
Osman Dr Benadir University internal medicine,nephrology,Immunology
PhilipSigue foreign currency trading made easy the most reliable how-to's google Football
RosieLouro uk essay service google motorcross
Said Dermatology Practitioner Hargeisa Group Hospital/Somaliland Medical Association skin lightening preparations,skin diseases,skin pigmentation
Ur-GoshEmbop Mirzo, Surus, Ali and Jaroll Uzbekistan google Martial arts
Yahye Mohamed Ali public health nutritionist Makerere University nutrition disorders
yasin nur technical consultant moh public health
YugulcreandZen Enzo, Rozhov, Kent and Frillock Solomon islands google Fitness
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