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Members Of Slovakia

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
////////////// ///////////// /////////////// medicine
Ad. Furdova MUC. Medical faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava pediatric cardiac surgery,ophthalmology,neurosurgery,vessel graft
Adam Valček Msc. University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno antibiotic resistance
Adela MD, PhD Institute of Experimental Endocrinology SAS obesity,diabetes mellitus,hypertension
Adriana Adameova Assoc. Prof. PharmD., PhD. Comenius University, Faculty of Pharmacy heart failure, ischemia/reperfusion, cardiovascular pharmacology
Adriána Vargová Student University of Pavol Jozef Safarik, Košice Neurology
Alena Furdova assoc. prof. MUDr., PhD,MPH Dept. of Ophthalmology, Medical School, Comenius University, Bratislava melanoma
Alexander Sirotkin Prof, Dr., PhD., DrSc. Constantine the Philosopher University and research Institute of Animal Production ovary,intracellular signalling
Alexander Sirotkin Prof., Dr., PhD., DrSc. Conbstantine the Philosopher University ovary
Alexandra Filova Mgr. Comenius University, Faculty of medicine, Institute of Hygiene public health,radiation,noise
Alexandra Kolenova MD University Childrenś Hospital pediatric hematology and oncology
Alzbeta Tohatyova MD Department of Pediatrics and adolescents Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice cardiology,pediatric
Andrea PhD. Institute of Normal and Pahtological Physiology hydrogen sulfide,nitric oxide
Andrea Soltysova Dr Comenius University, Biomedical Center SAV cancer,genetics,molecular diagnostic techniques
Andrej Bohac assoc. prof. RNDr. PhD. Biomagi, Inc. angiogenesis inhibitors,cancer,cancer stem cells,kinase inhibitors,diabetes complications inhibitors
Andrej Dukat Comenius´ University 2nd.Dept.Internal Medicine Internal Medicine,Cardiology
Angeldlcwor Gzuobzgiv google Hjqlmxoup
Anna Hrabovska professor Comenius University pharmacology,neurosciences
Anna Krajcovicova MD University Hospital Bratislava, Faculty of Medicine Comenius University Bratislava gastroenterology
Annamaria Srancikova MSc. PhD Slovak Academy od Sciences cancer research,molecular biology
Anton Horvath Assoc. prof. Comenius University, Bratislava trypanosomiasis
Anton Misak Msc., PhD. Institute of Clinical and Translational Research biomedicine,electrophysiology
Aurelia Kollova Dr. University Hospital Kosice neurosurgery
Barbara Pavlíková PhDr., Mgr., PhD. University of Constantine The Philosopher health policy,health care sector
Barbara Ukropcova MD, phd Institute of experimental endocrinology SAS diabetes mellitus- type 2,diabetes mellitus- experimental,obesity- abdominal,prediabetic state,exercise therapy
Barbora Institute of molecular biomedicine Comenius University biomedical research,gastroenterology,molecular biology
Barbora Konecna Ms. Comenius University gestation,pregnancy complications,extracellular fluid,exosomes
Bartkovjak Mr TU obstetrics and gynecology department- hospital
Bavolarova Marta MD L. Pasteur University Hospital Kosice Slovakia critical care
Beata Busanyova MD. PhD. Comenius University ophthalmology
Beata Holeckova Genetics University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy Genotoxicity and cancer
Bela Mrinakova MD,PhD,MHA St. Elisabeth cancer institute oncology
Bianka Porubska Mgr. Charles University immunology,transplantation,infarction,stem cell
Blandina Lipkova MD, PhD. Ophthalmology dpt Faculty hospital Zilina, Slovakia ophthalmologic surgical procedures,ophthalmology
Boris Kollarik M.D. University Hospital Bratislava oncological urology
Branislav Motovsky MD., PhD. Psychiatry dept., Faculty Hospital, Trencin, SLOVAKIA, EU unipolar and bipolar depression,sleep architecture and polysomnography in patients with depression,impact of antidepressants and antipsychotics on sleep architecture,unipolar depression,bipolar depression,polysomnography and depression,impact of antidepressive and antipsychotic agents on sleep architecture and videopolysomnography changes
Businessmhe REG google Football
Caunnimousisp Decor Usi Metalice google Religion, spiritual
Cestmir Altaner Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. senior scientist Cancer Research Institute, BMC, Slovak Academy of Sciences stem cell research
CharlesgoP Последние новости Армении здесь google Hockey
Cizkova Dr.PhD, DrSc Institute of Neurobiology spinal cord compression
CliftonObsep базальная имплантация в Самаре google Volunteering
Dana PhD Slovak Academy of Sciences, Biomedical Research Center, Bratislava, Slovakia cancer
Daniel Čierny M.D. PhD. Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin and Martin University Hospital, Comenius University in Bratislava, Kollárova 2, Martin, Slovakia multiple sclerosis- relapsing-remitting
Daniel Kral MSc University of Idaho psychology- experimental
Daniel Pohlodek Undergraduate Charles University neurobiology
Daniel Žucha Bc. BTÚ molecular biology
Daniela Grulova MS University of Presov essential oils,natural products
Daniela Mokra MD, PhD Comenius University, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine animal experimentation,ARDS,meconium aspiration syndrome
Darina Oravcova MD Melete, s.r.o. aesthetic surgery

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