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Members Of Singapore

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
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Adelene Sim Research Scientist Bioinformatics Institute neurodegenerative diseases,RNA
Aditya Nair Undergraduate Researcher National University of Singapore neurosciences,neurodegenerative diseases,claustrum,striatum,striatonigral degeneration
Adrian Ooi Associate Consultant Singapore General Hospital Plastic Surgery
Adrian TEO Junior Investigator IMCB, A*STAR Diabetes
Ajay Tijore Dr. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Biomaterial
Ajaybabu Pobbati Senior Research Fellow Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Oncology
Akila Andiappan Dr Health Promotion Board, Singapore health promotion
Alan Lam Research Scientist BTI stem cells,tissue engineering
Alessandra Mortellaro Principal Investigator Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN) immunology
Alex Chan Associate Professor NUS cancer
Alex Matter, M.D. CEO Experimental Therapeutics Centre, A*STAR vaccines- virus-like particle
Alfredo Franco-Obregon Professor National University Hospital of Singapore oncology
Allen Sim Doctor Singapore General Hospital laparoscopy,robotics,endourology
Allen Wong Plastic Surgery Resident Singapore General Hospital surgery
Allen Yeoh A/Professor National University of Singapore Acute lymphoblastic leuk
Alvin Lim Dr Singapore General Hospital multiple myeloma
Amanda Zhou Miss Temasek Life Sciences Life science
Amartya Sanyal Assistant Professor Nanyang Technological University Genome organization
Amelie dr KK hospital Singapore dermatology
Amit Singhal Senior Research Scientist Singapore Immunology Network tuberculosis- pulmonary,immunotherapy- active,host-pathogen interactions
Amogh Consultant Raffles Non vascular Intervention
Anand Kumar Andiappan Senior Research Scientist A*STAR allergy and immunology
Anchal Gupta Manager AIC public health
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Andi Sudjana Putra Senior Lecturer National University of Singapore diabetes mellitus- experimental
andre vettore Visiting Professor Duke-NUS methylation
Andrew Tan Assistant Professor National University of Singapore neurosciences
Andrew Tan Associate Professor Nanyang Technological University infectious disease medicine,cancer,wound healing,metastasis,tumor microenvironment
Andrew Wan Principal Research Scientist Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology tissue engineering,cancer stem cells
Andy Tan Dr Bioprocessing Technology Institute Immunology,lipid metabolism,enzymes and coenzymes
angela takano senior consultant singhealth cancer
angeline yong Consultant National Skin Centre, Singapore skin cancers,dermatological surgery
Anna Tan Dr SNEC visual prosthesis
Annabel Ang Lecturer Singapore Polytechnic communicable diseases
Annabel Chen Associate Professor Nanyang Technological University cognitive neuroscience
Anthony Chua Mr National University of Singapore flavivirus
Anthony Yii Dr Singapore General Hospital Asthma
Antonio Bertoletti Professor Duke-Nus Medical School HBV,Dengue
Antony kam Research fellow Ntu drug design
Apurva Ashok Student University of Birmingham cardiology service- hospital,oncology service- hospital,neurology,pediatrics
Aruni Dr. National university Hospital cardiology
Arunmozhiarasi Armugam Dr National University of Singapore RNomics and Proteomics
AschnuSnultDulk Ramirez, Mitch, Ortega and Bradley Libyan arab jamahiriya google Coffee and conversation
Astrid Irwanto Post Doctoral Fellow Genome Institute of Singapore Pharmacgenetics, genomic medicine
Atu Tripathi Chief Manager Emerson Automation Solutions Cancer
Audrey Khoo PhD Candidate Duke-NUS Medical School behavior- addictive,behavior- animal,behavioral neuroscience,behavior and behavior mechanisms
Audrey Khoo PhD Candidate Duke-NUS Medical School behavior- addictive,behavior- animal,behavioral neuroscience,behavior and behavior mechanisms
Avril Soh Ms National University of Singapore tuberculosis,epidemiology,nutrition
Aye Sandar Zaw Researcher National University Health System Transfusion of intraoperative salvaged blood in cancer surgery

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