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Members Of Serbia

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Aleksa Student University of Belgrade School of Medicine guillain-barre syndrome,cidp
Aleksandar PhD Institute for animal husbandry Veterinary microbiology,zoonoses,food microbiology
Aleksandar Student School of Medicine Belgrade medicine,surgery
Aleksandar Plastic surgeon, MD Aesrhetic surgery clinic 011 plastic surgery
Aleksandar Resident Military medical academy plastics
Aleksandar M.D.Ph.D. Pediatric surgeon, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Institute for Mother and Child Health Care of Republic Serbia vascular malformations
aleksandar neurosurgent Clinic for neurosurgery Nis neurosurgical procedures
Aleksandar MD, PhD Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad, Serbia chronic pain,neuropathic pain,low back pain
Aleksandar Bokan Doctor of medicine Institute for pulmonary diseases of Vojvodina copd,pulmonary embolism,spirometry,CTEPH,anticoagulants
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic MD - pediatrician University Children's Hospital Belgrade epilepsy,multiple sclerosis,demyelinating diseases,neuroimmunomodulation,neurology
Aleksandar Gigov Student University College Roosevelt immune system,biomedical research
Aleksandar Jankovic MD University Medical Center Zvezdara nephrology
Aleksandar Lazarevic dr/radiologist Institute of Cardiovascular diseases of Vojvodina cardiovascular imaging
Aleksandar Milosavljevic Resident of cardiac surgery Institute for cardiovascular diseases of Vojvodina cardiac surgical procedures
Aleksandar N. Neskovic Professor of Medicine & Cardiology Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade cardiology
Aleksandar Redzek doctor IKVBV cardiac surgery
Aleksandar Ristic Dr Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia epilepsy
Aleksandar Tasic MD Department of Radiology, Clinical center Nis abdomen,radiology,radiology- interventional
Aleksandar Veselinović Ph.D Faculty of medicine pharmacy,drug discovery
Aleksandra research assistant Faculty of veterinary medicine life science,alergy
Aleksandra MD Department for Interventional neuroradiology, University Clinical Center Niš neuroradiology interventional,diagdnostic neuroradiology,cardiac radiology
Aleksandra Dr, PhD, Ass. Prof. Faculty of Medicine University of Belgrade infection,infection control,infectious disease medicine,mycology,mycological typing techniques,allergy and immunology,allergens,rhinitis,sinusitis,ent,microbiology,microbiological techniques
Aleksandra Professor University of belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency,asthma
Aleksandra Divac Rankov Mrs. Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering cystic fibrosis,cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator,asthma
Aleksandra Djuric-Stefanovic PhD Center of Radiology and MR, Clinical Center of Serbia esophageal neoplasms
Aleksandra Ilic professor Clinic for Lung Diseases, Clinical Center of Serbia asthma,copd
Aleksandra Jaukovic Associate Professor of Research Institute for Medical Research stem cell niche
Aleksandra Jovanovic MSc INN Vinca diabetes mellitus- experimental,obesity
Aleksandra Jovanovic Galovic researcher Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina virology,infectious dieases,public health,molecular diagnostic techniques,environmental health
Aleksandra Mladenovic Djordjevic PhD Institute for Biological Research neurodegenerative diseases
Aleksandra Nesic Senior Research Associate University of Belgrade, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences infectious disease medicine
Aleksandra Nikolic PhD IMGGE genetics
Aleksandra Nikolic Ass prof Cardiovascular institute Dedinje cardiology
Aleksandra Stankovic PhD Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade molecular biology
Aleksandra Trajković student of undergraduate academic studies Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Niš entomology
Aleksandra Vilotic MSc Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy - INEP placenta
Alisasuppy познакомлюсь с мужчиной из москвы ИП Dancing
Amir Peljto M.D. Ph.D. Institute of Mental Health psychiatry
Ana resident Public hospital sports imaging
Ana PhD in Genetics Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia Cancer genetics
Ana Junior researcher Institute of Medical Research, Belgrade fatty acids,vitamin d deficiency,vitamin D
Ana Djordjevic Dr. Institute for Biological Research obesity
Ana Jotic Dr Clinic for otorhinolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery Clinical Center of Serbia otolaryngology,head and neck neoplasms,otology,otosurgery
Ana Kolakovic Laboratory for Radiobiology and Molecular Genetics Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade atherosclerosis
Ana Mitrovic Jovanovic Prof.MD.PhD,Head of daily hospital University Clinik for Gynecol and OB hpv,cervical cancer,cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Ana Mitrovic Jovanovic Prof.MD,PhD University Clinic for OB and Gy Narodni front HPV
Ana Nikolic MD, PhD Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia myasthenia gravis
Ana Penezic PhD student Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy, INEP Metabolism
Ana Podgorac MD, PhD Fellow Institute of Mental Health headache disorders
Ana Potic MD Medical Faculty University of Belgrade-Department of Neurology child neurology

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