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Members Of Austria

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Christian Wolf MD, MBA Salzburg EMCO Plastic Surgery
Christina PhD Teach for Austria infectious disease medicine,public health,epidemiology,viral vaccines
Christina Gruber Dr. EB-House Austria rare diseases
Christina Mair Mag. University of Vienna pharmacognosy
Christina Peters Professor of Pediatrics St. Anna Children Cancer Institute Pediatric Hematology
Christine Rossmann PhD Medical University of Graz atherosclerosis
Christof Aigner MD Medical University Vienna TMA,c3 nephropathy
Christoph Goebl Dr. Technical University of Munich cancer
Christoph Weiser Dr. Medical University of Vienna emergency medicine,resuscitation
Christoph Zaba Dr. Dipl.-Chem. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna integrin alphavbeta3
christoph.testori Dr. Medical University of Vienna Critical Care
Christopher Gerner Univ.-Prof. Dr. University of Vienna Cancer,inflammation
Clarissa Cabauatan Dr. Medical University of Vienna hiv antibodies,hiv antigens
claudel PhD medical university vienna hepatology,molecular biology,lipid metabolism,bile acids and salts
Claudia Bello Dr University of Vienna cancer
Claus Lamm Prof. University of Vienna neuroscience
Clemens Honeder MD Medical University Vienna ototoxicity; cochlear implantation
Constantin MD Medical university Vienna nephrology,transplantation immunology
Corina Madreiter-Sokolowski MSc Medical University of Graz mitochondrial diseases
Corina Madreiter-Sokolowski Mag. PhD Medical University of Graz mitochondria
Cornelia Dr Johannes Kepler University Lung cancer,heart,myocard,ischemia,reperfusion injury
cornelia kasper univ. prof. dr. boku tissue engineering,cell culture,stem cells,bioreactors
Cynthia Elodie Maar Cand. vet. med Student of Vetmed Uni Vienna Pathology,hematologic diseases,hematologic neoplasms,hematology,pathology- clinical,histology,pathology- veterinary,veterinary medicine,veterinary service- military,surgery- veterinary,internal medicine- veterinary,pathohistology
Dagmar Kratky Univ.Prof. Dr. Medical University of Graz Atherosclerosis,diabetes mellitus,obesity,lipase,lipid metabolism disorders
Dagmar Pfeiffer Dr. Medical University Graz Sepsis, TCM, Cardiovascular, infectious disease, cell culture models
Dagmar Pretsch MSc., PhD Pharmakognosie neuroscience,c.elegans
Dagmar Woebken Dr. University of Vienna microbiology
Damia Noce MSc Medical University of Innsbruck Statistical Genetics
Dan Cacsire Castillo-Tong Assoc. Prof. Medical University of Vienna drug resistance- neoplasm,ovarian cancer,recurrence,cell line
Daniel Papinski MSc University of Vienna autophagy
Daniela Gallerano Ms Inst. Pathophysiology and Allergy Research Immunology
Daniela Knafl MD Medical University Vienna infectious disease medicine,infection,medicine,medicine- chinese traditional,medicine- tibetan traditional,public health,biofilms,skin diseases- infectious,skin and connective tissue diseases,internal medicine,clostridium difficile
Daniela Knafl MD Medical University of Vienna infectious disease medicine
Daniela Kroiss MSc CUNY Graduate Center protein engineering
Daniela Toplitsch Master Student University of Graz Microbiology
Daniela ULRICH Dr. Medical University Graz Urogyn
David Pereyra MD Medical University of Vienna Surgery,Oncology,Hepatology,Gastroenterology
David Stelzeneder Dr. Medical University of Vienna knee joint,hip joint
Demyanets MD, PhD Medical University of Vienna obesity
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology PhD Medical University of Graz lipids,diabetes complications,diabetes- gestational,lipoproteins- hdl3
Deutsch Sen Scientist. Dr. Medical University Graz lymphoma- b-cell
Diana Mechtcheriakova Ass. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Medical University of Vienna immunotherapy,b-lymphocyte subsets,colorectal neoplasms,germinal center,sphingolipids
Dietmar Pils Dr. Medical University of Vienna peritoneal neoplasms
Dimitrios Tsiantoulas PhD CeMM, Research Center for Molecular Medicine atherosclerosis
Dimitrios Tsiantoulas PhD CeMM, Research Center for Molecular Medicine atherosclerosis,immunity
Dr. Bal√°zs Odler MD, PhD Medical University of Graz kidney
Dr. Bennani-Baiti Executive Director RefGD Cancer research
Dr. Edgar Selzer Professor Medical University Vienna head and neck neoplasms
Dr. Konstantin Byrgazov Post-Doc Children's Cancer Research Institute leukemia,myeloid cells,TKI,Kinases,CML,AML,CMML,JMML
Dressler Anastasia Dr. med. Medical University Vienna Down syndrome,epilepsy,ketogenic diet

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