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Members Of Austria

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Aamir Prof EUSTM grants,partnership
Abhishek Aggarwal MSc Medical University of Vienna Cancer,colonic neoplasms,EMT,tumor suppressor proteins
Adelheid Weidinger Dr. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for experimental and clinical Traumatology Inflammation,stem cells,mitochondria
Adly ABDALLA Molecular Biologist IAEA virology
Agata Laszewska MPH Medical University of Vienna mental health,public health,resource allocation,health care costs
Agnes Maj-Hes MD KFJ Hospital Vienna oncology service- hospital
Ahamed Bayoumi Dr SMZ-Ost obstetrics and gynecology department- hospital
Aidanbax Cyrus, Pedar, Ingvar and Gorok Myanmar google Hockey
Aina Roberta PhD Medical University of Vienna Allergy
Alain Ndayisaba - Medical University Innsbruck disease modifying treatments
Aleksandra Walter Mag. Medical University of Vienna urology department- hospital
Alessandra Fanciulli MP PhD Innsbruck Medical University neurology
Alessandra Handisurya Prof.Dr Medical University of Vienna HPV
Alessandro Pellis Ph.D. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Biotechnology,,chemistry
Alessia Masuccio Mrs Medical University of Innsbruck Oncology,parkinson disease,alzheimer disease
Alexander Gaiger Programm Director, HEad Cancer REhabilitation Center, Professor Medicine, Medical University of vienna, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology, Cancer REhabilitation Center -LMZ Bad Erlach HEmatology,Oncology,hematologic diseases,Cancer,Psychooncology,Resilience,Adherence,quality of life
Alexander Loy PhD University of Vienna Microbiology
Alexander R Moschen Associate Professor MD PhD Medical University Innsbruck Gastroenterology
Alexandra Badura Dr Medical University of Graz anibiotic resitance
Alexandra M. Giovanna Brunasso Dr. Med. Medical University of Graz autoimmune diseases,,psoriasis,biological agents
Alexandra Petre Dr. med. univ. Medical University of Vienna Immunology,heart surgery,plastic surgery,infection medicine
alexandra.geusau Assoc.Prof Dr Medical University Vienna, Dept. Dermatology Immunosuppressed patients
Ali Al Kaissi Consultant Hospital bone diseases
Aline Lamien Meda PhD Institute of Specific Prophylaxis and Tropical Medicine MUW plasmodium,Malaria
Alla Zamyatina Assoc. Prof. Dr. Department of Chemistry, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria inflammation,innate immunity,drug discovery,inflammasomes
Amann Arno MD Medical University Innsbruck, Department of Haematology and Oncology translational medical research,cancer research
Amarela Becirovic n / a. Vetmed Vienna Neuroscience,physiology,biochemistry,pharmaceutic aids
Andrea Harrer PhD Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Dept Neurology multiple sclerosis
Andrea Hoelbl-Kovacic PhD Vetmeduni Vienna signal transduction
Andreas Bernkop-Schnürch Prof. Dr. University of Innsbruck drug delivery systems
Andreas Birbach Dr. independent cell biology,cancer,inflammation,biological agents,dry eye syndromes,antibodies
Andreas Eigentler MD, PhD Innsbruck Medical University, Institute for Neuroscience human disease models of neurodegenerative disease,Ataxia
Andreas Habertheuer Dr. Meduniwien Cardiac Surgery
Andreas Hanslik doctor Medical University of Vienna, Department of Pediatrics pediatric cardiology
Andreas Hingsammer Dr Balgrist Universitätsklinik hip joint
Andreas Kungl Professor University of Graz glycosaminoglycans
Andreas Loos Dr. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna glycosylation,antibodies,IgM,IgG
Andreas Lossl Dr. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences vaccines,plant physiological processes,recombinant fusion proteins,dengue vaccines,human papillomavirus 16,tuberculosis vaccines,ETEC
Andreas Meinke VP, Preclinical & Translational Research Valneva Austria GmbH vaccines
Andreas Melmer MD Medical University Innsbruck internal medicine,metabolic diseases,genetics- medical,bariatric surgery
Andreas Selberherr Dr. Medical University Vienna neuroendocrine tumors
Andreas Winkler Dr. TU Graz biochemistry
andreas.schober MD Medical University of Vienna Internal Medicine
Andreia Luis M.Sc. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology Critical Care,traumatology,shock- hemorrhagic,shock- traumatic,inflammation mediators
Angela Dr. Mag. University of Vienna behavior and behavior mechanisms,behavior- animal
Angela Ramoni MD univ hospital obstetrics and gynecology department- hospital
Anita Hohenegger Ms Universität Innsbruck, IBA immunosenescence
Anna asst. to the president Cancer Epigenetics Society cancer epigenetics,oncology,epigenetics,histone,dna methylation,chip
Anna MSc Ludwig Maximilians Universität Munich, Germany Public Health,Health economics,Epidemiology
anna hofer Dr. Akh Linz anästhesiology and Intensive care

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