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Members Of Norway

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
A phd uio gynecology
Abbas Consultant Hamar Hospital/Innlandet Hospital gastrointestinal neoplasms
Abhijit Sen Dr Norwegian University of Science and Technology cardiovascular diseases,cancer,epidemiology,epidemiologic methods
Abhilash D. Pandya Researcher University of Oslo angiogenesis inhibitors,angiogenesis modulating agents,angiogenesis inducing agents,angiogenic proteins
Alan K Bourke Post-doctoral Researcher Department of Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. Movement science
Alen Brkic M.D., Research Assistant Department of Pathophysiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Nicolause Copernicus University Oncology
Alessandra Rinna PhD Uio bone development
Alex Kojo Datsomor PhD research Fellow Norwegian University of Science and Technology genomics
Alexander Stanley Thrane MD, PhD, FEBOphth Haukeland University Hospital ophthalmology,neuroscience
Aliona Nacu MD University of Bergen Neurology
Amare Workiye PhD candidate University of Bergen global health,public health,occupational health
amit kumar sharma Phd. student Norwegian university of science and technology Genome editing
Amr Gamil Researcher, PhD Norwegian University of Life Sciences Immunology,heart injuries
Amund Maage Head of Research NIFES Heavy metals
Ana Lobato Dr. OUS-HF-Rikshospitalet reproductive medicine
Anagaw Atickem Meshesha Dr. University of Oslo Genetics,ecology,climate change
Anders Åsberg Professor Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet cytomegalovirus infections,pharmacokinetics,pharmacodynamics
Anders Østrem Dr Lunger i praksis primary health care
Anders Sundan professor NTNU multiple myeloma
Anders Tveita MD PhD andersat myeloma,immunotherapy
Anders Waage Professor Norwegian University of Technology and Science cancer
Andreas Diamantopoulos Dr Sørlandet Sykehus HF vasculitis,rheumatic diseases,ultrasonography,public health
Andreas Mollerlokken Researcher Norwegian University of Science and Technology physiology,decompression sickness,aviation,space,circulatory and respiratory physiological phenomena
Andreas Persson MD, PhD-student Haukeland University hospital sports medicine
Andy Edwards Senior Research Scientist Simula Research Laboratory heart arrest,pharmacology
Anette PhD University of Bergen endocrinology
Anjana PhD UIB Developmental biology,neuroscience,craniofacial development
Ann Kristin Skrindo Knudsen Researcher Norwegian Institute of Public Health mental health,global health,,substance abuse,disease burden,public health
Ann-Charlotte Iversen Senior Researcher NTNU preeclampsia
Anne Hege Aamodt MD, PhD, FESO Oslo University Hospital stroke atrial fibrilation
Anne Helene Kostner Oncologist Southern Hospital Trust oncology service- hospital
Anne Kristin Holmeide Head of NMBU Technology transfer office Norwegian University of Life Sciences bacterial infections,eye diseases,fungal infections
Anne-Marie Aas Clinical nutritionist Oslo university hospital Diabetes
Anne-Marit Sponaas Dr NTNU cancer immunotherapy
Anne-Marit Sponaas Dr NTNU cancer immunotherapy
Annegreet Wubs PhD University of Bergen Health Promotion
Annette Brenner post doc University of Bergen leukemia
Anselm Schulz PhD Oslo University Hospital Radiology,radiology- interventional
Antoni Hurtado Dr University of Oslo cancer
Antonio Pagarete Research Fellow University of Bergen virology
Anuschka Polder Dr. Philos. Norwegian University of Life Science environmental pollution
Are Magnus Bruaset Section Director, Computing and Software Simula Research Laboratory cardiology
Arja Arnesen Lochen Miss University of St Andrews Biology
Arnab Sarkar Effect of Fatty Acids on Angiogenesis University of Oslo Angiogenesis
Arne Søraas MD. Postdoc. Oslo University Hospital Aging,Cancer,cardiovascular disease,dementia
Arne Walderhaug Senior advisor HivNorway Treatment
art phd uio obstetric labor complications
Arve Chief physiotherapist Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital Neurology,physical and rehabilitation medicine,physical therapy
Ashwini Sethupathy Pharmacystudent University in Bergen pharmacy and therapeutics committee

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