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Members Of New Zealand

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
aaron chindewere registrar waikato hospital breast neoplasms,colorectal neoplasms,ovarian neoplasms
Adeli ZH Lim BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate student University of Auckland biomedical research,biology,physiology,diabetes mellitus,cancer
Adnan Al-Anbuky Professor Auckland University of Technology Muscular Activity Monitoring,Prolonging Elderly stay at home
Agnes Szabo Postdoctoral fellow Massey University psychological phenomena and processes,health behavior
Ahmad Mustafa Cardiologist Greenlane Cardiovascular Unit Interventional Cardiology
Ahmed Al-Jumaily Professor Auckland University of Technology respiratory therapy
Ajay Sharma Professional practice fellow University of otago biomarerial
Alec Ekeroma Chief Executive Officer Pacific Society for Reproductive Health reproductive health
Alesha Smith Dr University of Otago primary care,pharmacoepidemiology,quality of health care,pregnancy
Alex Grinberg Dr Massey University bacterial infections,cryptosporidiosis,Antimicrobial resistance
Alex Lee Mr Univerity of Auckland antifungal agents
Alex Tups Senir Lecturer University of Otgao diabetes,obesity,Alzheimer's
Alex Tups Dr. rer. nat. University of Otago diabetes,obesity,Alzheimer's
Alex Tups Dr. rer. nat. University of Otago diabetes,obesity,Alzheimer's
alexander peskin PhD university of otago free radicals
Ali PhD student University of Otago Cancer,immunotherapy- adoptive,immunotherapy
Ali PhD student Institue of Biomedical techncology -AUT university Pulmonology
Alicia Barnett Doctor AgResearch Ltd intestinal diseases
Alieke Dierckx Project Manager Emergency Care Foundation Emergency Medicine
allan herbison prof university of otago fertility
Allan Sheppard Senior Research Fellow University of Auckland developmental biology
Alok K. Mitra Associate Professor University of Auckland diabetes mellitus
Alys Clark Dr University of Auckland computational biology
Amanda Oakley A/Prof Oakley Dermatology dermatology,dermoscopy
Amber Milan Dr Liggins Institute Nutrition
Amelia Power Ms University of Auckland mitochondria- heart
Amin Mr University of Otago cell adhesion,cell dedifferentiation,bioengineering,tissue engineering
Amy Dr University cystic fibrosis,tb
Amy Dr Otago cystic fibrosis
Amy Chan PhD candidate University of Auckland Adherence,pharmacy
Andrea Vincent Senior Lecturer, Consultant Ophthalmologist University of Auckland, Ophthalmology retinal degeneration,corneal dystrophies- hereditary
Andrew Dr University of Otago Nutrition
Andrew Dr University of Otago genetics
Andrew Clarkson Senior Research Fellow University of Otago Stroke repair,neural plasticity,behavior and behavior mechanisms,gaba modulators,translational medical research
Andrew Cridge Dr Univeristy of Otago biology
Andrew Das Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Otago Cancer Epigenetics
Andrew Day Prof UOC IBD
Andrew Lowe Senior Lecturer Auckland University of Technology cardiovascular system
AngelDat strategies for paying for necklaces within a wonderful price tag google Museums and art
Aniruddha Dr. University of Otago Cancer,melanoma,metastasis
Anita Muthukaruppan Dr The University of Auckland Cancer
Anna Lorimer Dr Unitec Institute of Technology, AUT University of Technology biomechanics,stroke,rehabilitation,sports,triathlon,running,bicycling
Anna Lorimer Dr AUT-Millennium Institute Stroke,rehabilitation,gait,neurophysiology
Anne-Louise Dr University of Otago Nutrition
Annette Professor University of Canterbury psychiatry
Anuradha Mathrani Dr Massey University Informatics,databases as topic,software,educational technology,outsourced services,education
Anusha Ganeshalingham Dr Starship Children's Hospital pediatrics
Arata Hidano PhD student Massey University Epidemiology
Arlene McDowell Dr, Senior Lecturer University of Otago nanomedicine
Arthur Yang Dr Waikato hospital aesthetic surgery,reconstructive surgery,head and neck surgery,hand surgery,microsurgery,breast syrgery

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