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Members Of Australia

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
/zebunnessa Dr Westmead Hospital Epilepsy
A R M Saifuddin Ekram Dr ASPREE,Monash University Hypertension,diabetes complications,chronic disease
A S Pharmacist Trialect informatics
A Thompson Prof St Vincent's Hospital hepatology
a.holland Associate Professor La Trobe University lung disease
A/Prof Felice N Jacka Principal Research Fellow Deakin University Mental health,mental disorders
A/Professor Amanda Nicoll Director of Gastroenterology Eastern Health hepatology
Aaron Cosgrove Mr Queensland University of Technology aptamers- nucleotide
Aaron Diker Honours Graduate University of Melbourne Medicine
Aaron Lock Mr Griffith University Cancer drug discovery
Aaron Richard Jex Senior Lecture in Parasitology The University of Melbourne Neglected Infectious Disease
Abbas Shafiee Researcher University of Queensland regenerative medicine,cardiovascular,cartilage- articular
Abbey Neonatal Occupational Therapist Murdoch Childrens Research Institute pediatrics
Abdel Ali Belaidi PhD The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health alzheimer disease
Abdul Hafeez-Baig Dr University of Southern Queensland Health Informatics,Technology Managem
Abdul Hafeez-Baig Dr University of Southern Queensland health information management,Health technology
Abdul Jabbar Senior Lecturer The University of Melbourne echinococcosis,cysticercosis,parasitic diseases,anthelmintics
Abdullah Tarique Dr. University of Queensland respiratory tract diseases,cystic fibrosis,Innate immune response,macrophage activation,Inflammation
Abhinav Vasudevan Gastroenterology Fellow Eastern Health inflammatory bowel diseases
Abishek Iyer UQ Research Fellow The University of Queensland inflammatory bowel diseases,Diabetes,Obesity,liver cirrhosis,Arthritis,cardiovascular diseases,Marcophages,metabolism
Abul Hasnat Milton Dr. The University of Newcastle epidemiology
Adam Doctor Royal Adelaide Hospital Critical Care Medicine
Adam Research Fellow Macquarie University ALS,dementia
Adam Colliosn PhD University of Newcastle Gasteroenterology,allergy and immunology
Adam Fazekas Mr Victoria University neurosciences
Adam Guastella Associate Professor BMRI autsim,schizophrenia and disorders with psychotic features,anxiety disorders
Adam Kamradt-Scott Associate Professor University of Sydney global health
Adam Kessler Dr Monash Univ. environmental microbiology
Adam Mechler Senior Lecturer La Trobe University antimicrobial cationic peptides
Adam Qingsong Ye Professor James Cook University cleft palate,cleft lip,bone regeneration,nanomedicine,biomaterials
Adam Rose Senior Research Fellow Monash University obesity,diabetes,metabolism
Adam Slipinski Professor CSIRO biological processes
Adam Trewin PhD candidate Victoria University mitochondria
Adam Vogel Dr The University of Melbourne ataxia,frontotemporal dementia,frontotemporal lobar degeneration,primary progressive nonfluent aphasia,speech,neurodegenerative diseases,dysphagia,dysarthria
Adam Watson Dr Geelong Health orthopedics
Adam Woodbridge Dr Royal north shore hospital hip and knee
Adarsha Gupta Casual Research Assistant Deakin University biofuels,fermentation,biotechnology
Adedoyin Abiola Racheal Dr. Griffith University health administration
Adeleh Shirangi Dr. WA Department of Health Epidemiology
Adeline Lau Dr Lysosomal Diseases Research Unit lysosomal storage diseases
Adeline Lau Dr Lysosomal Diseases Research Unit gene therapy
Adelle Jee Dr University of Sydney Interstitial lung disease,autoimmune lung disease,connective tissue disease related lung disease,pulmonary fibrosis
Adi Idris Dr Griffith University HPV,Cancer,therapy
Adj. A/Prof Glenn Eastwood ICU Research Manager Austin Health Critical care
Adrian Dr University of Melbourne eczema
Adrian Chazan Consultant Physician Monash Health lung diseases
Adrian Kaczmarek Mr University of Adelaide Cancer
Adrian Lopresti Dr Murdoch University depression
Adrian Wiegmans Dr QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Breast Cancer
Adriana Milazzo Dr The University of Adelaide public health

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