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Members Of Morocco

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
+212673734212 Professor Chu ibn sina biosimilar pharmaceuticals,nephrology,anemia
aafaf pHd student UM5 phytochemistry,chemistry techniques- analytical,plant science,pharmacology
abdelhay Université Abdelmalek Essaadi Université Abdelmalek Essaadi Neurology
Abdelillah rachid Mr CHU Mohammed 6 Oujda hip,knee
Abdeljalil ELGOT Dr. heigher institut of health sciences neuroanatomy,neurobiology,neurons
Abdellatif ABBAOUI PhD Student University Cadi Ayyad/ Faculty of sciences semlalia Marrakesh neurosciences
Abderrahim ZIYYAT Professor University Mohamed I_ Oujda Physiology,epidemiology,pharmacology,Nutrition,cardiovascular system
abderrazik biologie université Hassan II, faculté des sciences ain chock biochmie,ecologie
Abid Researcher Pasteur institute of morocco tuberculosis
ABISSEGUE Ghislain Yves MD Department of Vascular Surgery HMIMV Rabat vascular surgical procedures,cardiovascular diseases
adali Pr Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco neurology
adnane PhD student Institut PASTEUR du Maroc cancer
Adnane Remmal Professor Sidi Mohamed Benabdallah University infectious disease medicine,antibiotics- antitubercular,antibiotics- antineoplastic
afaf pHd student UM5 phytochemistry,pharmacology,chemistry techniques- analytical
Ahid Professor associate Medical and pharmacy school pharmacoepidemiology,pharmacology- clinical
Ahmed Belkouch Dr Faculty of medicine and pharmacy. Mohammed V university Rabat organ transplantation,emergency medical services
Aida Ophthalmology General hospital of Elche glaucoma
aissam assistant professor medical school molecular biology,molecular diagnostic techniques
aissaoui intern chu mohamed VI cardiology
AIT BALI Yassine PhD student Cadi Ayyad university Neurotoxicology
AIT BENHASSOU Hassan PhD Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science Innovation & Research (MAScIR) Tuberculosis
AIT SSI SAADIA Breast cancer University Hassan II Mohammedia biological markers
aitmouss khadija invasive meningococcal infections faculté de médecine et de pharmacie invasive infection
AKDAD Mourad FSTE, BP 509 Boutalamine, Errachidia, Morocco; Team of Physiology, Nutrition and Endocrinology, Biology Department, diabetes mellitus,hypertension
Alaae boutayeb Cardiovascular specialist CHU Mohammed VI Oujda cardiovascular surgical procedures
ali Doctor skianrom institute laboratory aromatic and medicinal plants
amal ben moussa in charge of research projects association de lutte contre le sida HIv
Amal Bennouna PhD Student Agronomy and Veterinary Institute Medical entomology,virology
Amal KORRIDA Research Assistant Professor ISPITS Agadir- Tiznit Annex, Ministry of Health NCD,epidemiology
AMAR RESEARCHER ENVIRONMENTAL VIROLOGY INSTITUT PASTEUR OF MOROCCO public health,epidemo,biostatistique,environmental health,virology,disease transmission- infectious
amar laila PhD pasteur institute of morocco virology
amina DOCTOR phisician intensive care
Amine Cheikh Pharmacist particulier public health
AMIRI PhD student cadi ayyad university global warming
amrani Senior pathologist University Mohamed V Souissi oncology service- hospital
amrani senior pathologist Institut national d'Oncologie GYNAECOLOGY,digestive system neoplasms
AngelVaw rolex uhren google rolex uhr
Arthurvob webhostprogress google Museums and art
AsaruHoadovoni Berek, Josh, Ur-Gosh and Ronar Angola google Football
ASMAE TANTANE Ingénieur d'état Institut National d'Hygiène iodine
ATASSI Ms UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CENTER Epidemiology,environmental health,cancer,pesticides,epigenetic
Atmani Fouad Professor University Mohammed the First kidney calculi,herbal medicine
attaleb Ph.D CNESTEN biomarkers- pharmacological,cancer
AZZOUZI Maryame PhD student Institut Pasteur of Morocco Microbiology
Baassi Larbi PhD National Institut of Hygiene biosafety,tuberculosis
BABA Hanâ Ph.D Student Institut Pasteur du Maroc & Faculté des sciences Ben M'sik Cell cultures,,Basic molecular biology techniques,Immunofluorescence,Immunohistochemistry
Badou Professor of Immunology Casablanca Medical school Cancer immunology

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