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Members Of Mongolia

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
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Adiya Saruulzaya Thermokarst lake changes in the southern fringe of Siberian permafrost region, Mongolia Institute of Geography and Geoecology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences environmental monitoring
aldar bourinbayar CEO Immunitor immunotherapy
Alimaa fellowships Mongolian National Universuty of Medical Sciences public health
Altantsetseg Bacteriologist-researcher National center for communicable diseases antimicrobial resistance
Amarjargal Dagvadorj Doctoral student Kyoto University Maternal and child health
Amartuvshin Tumenjargal MD Mongolian National University of medical Sciences breast cancer
Andreas Bungert Dr. Onom Foundation Hepatitis
Ankhbayar cardiologist First Central Hospital of UB, Mongolia cardiology,Non invasive cardiac electrophysiology,echocardiography
Anu student MNUMS Emergency Medicine,Hepatology,cancer
Anu student mongolian national university of medical sciences ivf,pediatrics,gynecologic surgical procedures,surgery- plastic
Anu Enkhbaatar Dentist Medical dentistry
Ariunsanaa Ass.professor, MD.,Ph.D Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences protein isolation
Ariuntsetseg Emergency physician Health science university of Mongolia emergency medical service communication systems
ariuntuya lecturer mongolian national university of medical sciences public healh,health financing,health care evaluation mechanisms,health economics
Ariunzaya Enkhtaiwan student Mongolian National University of Medical Science genetic diseases- x-linked
Ariunzaya Tserendash Ungraduate Mongolian National University of Medical Science public health
Avirmed amgalanbaatar lecturer MNUMS anatomy & histology
Ayurzana lecturer Medical university internal medicine
Bachelor in Medical Science MD Tokushima University Neuroradiology,Cancer Imaging,PET/CT,Radiation Oncology
Badamtsetseg Ms. Mongolian National University of Medicine tuberculosis
Badamtsetseg Jargalsaikahn Ms. MHI microbiology
Baigal Head of Clinical Department of Nursing School MNUMS africa south of the sahara
Baigalmaa MD United family Intermed Hospital nephrology
Baikal Dr Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences public health nursing
BarrackFribe Jared, Khabir, Lukjan and Hamlar Nepal google Religion, spiritual
Bat-Erdene Quality & Safety Officer Intermed Hospital infection control,quality assurance- health care
Bat-Erdene Namsrai Surgeon MNUMS USA,Germany,Australia
batbayar Mr MHI tuberculosis societies
Batbayar Badral PhD mongolian National University of Medical Science Oral and Maxilla Facial Surgery
Batchimeg Mrs Dornogobi Medical School public health nursing
batchimeg Norjmaa molecul biology bio medical engineer molecular diagnostic techniques
Batka Gonchig MD Asralt hospital Internal medicine
Batmagnai Enkhbaatar MSc Institute of Veterinary Medicine Genetics,veterinarians
Batmanduul Erdenebat Lecturer MNUMS health economics,public health,hospital management
Batmunkh Myagmardorj Biochemists ICCT biochemistry,biochemical phenomena,biochemical processes
Batnasan physician united family intermed hospital obstetric surgical procedures,fetal research
batpurev Lecturer in department internal medicine MNUMS 976
Batsaikhan Surgery Mongolian National University of Health Science surgery- computer-assisted
Batsaikhan Neonatal sepsis MNUMS pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis
Batsaikhan surgeon Mongolian National University of Medical Science liver cancer
Batsukh Zayat researcher IVM parasitic diseases,Immuniology,Vaccine,drug resistance- multiple
Batsuren physician United family intermed hospital gynecology
Batsuren Medicine Emergency service intensive care
Batsuuri Munkhbat Attending Emergency Physician Intermed Hospital emergency medicine,disaster medicine
Battogtokh Head of Department of Microbiology and Immunology, School Biomedicine Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences sexually transmitted diseases- bacterial,sepsis
Battsetseg MD NGO therapy
Battsetseg Dr Health department researcher-subject relations,GI
Batzorig Orthopedic surgeon National Trauna & Orthopedic Research Center joint prosthesis
batzorig bayartsogt lecturer of biostatistics university of medical sciences biostatistics

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