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Members Of Malawi

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
Abel Phiri Optometrist Ministry of health, Malawi public health
Abiba Longwe-Ngwira Knowledge Translation Scientist African Institute for Development policy public health
Abigail Dzimadzi Executive Director Malawi Network of AIDS Services Organisations HIV and AIDs coordination
Adamson Muula Professor University of Malawi hiv seroprevalence
AE Butterworth Dr None TB
Agatha Buka Dr. UNC Project HIV
Agatha Bula Doctor UNC Project hiv
Agnala Epikaizo Jumbe Laboratory Technician Ministry of Health Forensic Serology, Biomedical Science Research
Agness Chalira Student College tropical medicine
Albert Chidembo Moyo Project Officer CCJP Mzuzu Diocese 14-3-3 proteins
Albert L N Dube Research cientist Karonga Prevention Study child health services,demography,family planning services
Alexander Mboma Field Medical Monitor University of Malawi, College of Medicine Public Health
Alice Namanja Miss University of Malawi, College of Medicine Pulmonology
Alice S Kaponda Monitoring and Evaluation Officer ActionAid Malawi epidemiology
Alick Sixpence Mr Malaria Alert Centre Public health
Alinafe Nurse Ministry of Health public health
Alinafe archibard kawerama student college of medicine molecular biology
Alinafe Kalanga Medical Doctor Ministry of Health family health
Alinafe Kaliwo Assistant Lecturer Malawi Polytechnic - University of Malawi biomedical engineering,IoT,telemedicine,telecommunications
Alinafe Kantambo TrainSMART Program Coordinator I-TECH Malawi MPH Public Health
Alinane Uchindami Munyenyembe Research Intern Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust malaria vaccines
Alinane Uchindami Munyenyembe Research Intern Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust immune system
Alinune Kabaghe Researcher College of Medicine epidemiology,infectious disease medicine,malaria,health systems plans,biostatistics
Allan Intern College of Medicine molecular biology,hematology
Allan Chilongo Lecturer National College of information Technology informatics,public health
Allan Davie Mawingo Doctor ministry of health internal medicine
Allan Zuza just finished school awaiting graduation College Of Medicine mocrobiology
Allex Laboratory QA/QC Johns Hopkins Research Project HIV/AIDS
Amade Alide Executive Director Patient and Community Welfare Foundation HIV/AIDS
Amber Majidu Medical Officer Ministry of Health internal medicine
Amelias Safety, Health and Environment Officer Strabag Environmental/public Health
Amon Lukhele Executive Director Outreach Scout Foundation (OSF) infectious diseases
Amos Msekandiana Doctor Ministry of Health Malawi government pediatrics
Amos Nyaka President Society of Medical Doctors Oculoplasty
Amos Nyaka Principal Ophthalmologist Kamuzu Central Hospital Oculoplastic Surgery
Amos Phiri Mr Karonga Prevention Study Microbiology
Anderson Physiotherapist University of Malawi paediatric,epidemiologic methods
Anderson lecturer University of Malawi, College of Medicine Paediatrics,Non Communicable diseases, Sports Injuries
Andrew Bauleni data manager Malaria Alert Centre statistics & numerical data
Andrew Kavala Executive Director Malawi Network for Older Persons Organizations-MANEPO Mitigation of HIV/AIDS among older Persons
Andrew Kumitawa Lecturer College of Medicine public health
Andrew Makuru Master Student University of the Western Cape microbiology
Andrew Mataya Research Associate Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme medicine,surgery,research,public health,pediatrics
Andrew Matchado Dr College of Medicine, iLiNS Project Nutrition
Andrew Mijoya Medical Student University of Malawi College of Medicine Paediatric Cancer
Andrew Mtewa PhD fellow and Lecturer Malawi University of Science and Technology drug evaluation- preclinical,isolation & purification,structural elucidation,cannabinoids,clinical chemistry tests,clinical laboratory techniques,pharmacognosy,medicinal chemistry,ADME-Tox,Pharmaceutical analysis,Drug design,Drug development,Structure-Activity-Relationships (SAR),Cancer therapy,degenerative diseases,Quality Assurance,processing facility systems
Andrew Mwale Dr Ministry of Health, Malawi Government tuberculosis immunology
Andrew Namakhoma Community Development Programs Officer NASFAM HIV and AIDS Prevention

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