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Members Of United States

Name Title Institute Field Of Interest
- - MSSM biostatistics,biomedical research,statistics & numerical data
- - - research
-- -- -- housekeeping
(Yisrael) Tzvi Lipener MD / Fellow Northwell Health neonatology,Chronic lung disease,micrornas,cardiology
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* * * Mesh
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4047122808 PhD Candidate Emory University Cancer
6172869678 Postdoctoral Research Fellow BWH pediatrics
a DR HIMIK astacoidea
A Dr (PhD) Princeton University parasitology,parasites
a b c neurosciences
A 11 11 mitochondria
A A A Parkinson
A A A immunotherapy
A Student Mich HIV
A 1 1 angiogenesis inhibitors
a md hss hand deformities
A Administrative Emory University internal medicine
A Clinton White Professor UTMB Parasitology
A Field Lab Manager BWH neurosciences
A I Dr UNIV breast cancer
A Jenkins Postdoctoral Scholar UC Berkeley neuroscience
A K M Shamsuddin Assistant Project Scientist University of California San Diego cystic fibrosis
A Kenter Dr. Unv. Illinois College of Medicine immune system
A Khan Research TTIC computational biology
A Ligon Director BWH genetics- medical
a m MD Scripps Oncology
A M FORID UDDIN AHMED Jr. Consultant NITOR , DHAKA, BANGLADESH arthroplasty,arthroscopy
A Mario Marcondes MD PhD FHCRC MDS,alpha 1-antitrypsin,GVHD
A Nolden Postdoctoral Fellow Monell Oncology,taste,taste disorders,taste perception,nutrition
A R C Assistant Professor Washington University Stroke rehabilitation
A Ranjitha Dhanasekaran Research Associate University of Colorado Denver Bioinformatics
A S G R Rahul Research Officer SOCHARA public health
A Stefan Assoc Res Scientist Arbor Research Collaborative for Health image interpretation- computer-assisted,ultrasonography
A V Assoc. Prof. TX A&M Health Science Center diabetes prevention
A Vania Professor Northwestern University pain
a_karban Prof Rambam IBD
A-Andrew D Jones Future Faculty Fellow Northeastern University microbial interactions,microbial viability,microbiological phenomena
A. Arturo Leis Senior Scientist, Professor of Neurology Center for neurosciences and neurological recovery, Methodist Rehabilitation Center, Jackson, MS arbovirus infections,west nile virus
A. Brent Carter Professor University of Alabama at Birmingham pulmonary fibrosis
A. Cagri Yuksel MD McLean Hospital Bipolar Disorder,schizophrenia and disorders with psychotic features
A. Denny Research and Development PKD Foundation polycystic kidney diseases
A. George Akingba Assistant Professor Indiana University School of Medicine durable hemodialysis access
A. Jean-Luc Ayitou Assistant Professor Illinois Institute of Technology drug delivery systems
A. Karim Kader Professor UCSD urologic neoplasms
A. Koneti Rao. Sol sherry professor of medicine, director benign hematology, co-director, sol sherry thrombosis research center Temple University hemostasis
A. Kornienko Assoc. Prof. Texas State University melanoma
A. Maker Asst. Prof UIC cancer

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