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Title Posting Expired: Conservation, Food & Health
Opportunity Type Grants and Funding
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Conservation, Food & Health

Sponsor:The Conservation, Food & Health Foundation

Deadline:1st July 2017

Past Grants

Grants 2016
Amazon Conservation Team

Arlington, VA

$21,000 to train park rangers how monitor habitat and create maps that support conservation and the protection of indigenous lands. In collaboration with Anton de Kom University, Nature Technical Institute, Suriname’s Forest Management Authority, and the University of Utrecht.

Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA

$25,000 to identify the threats of new oil drilling operations in Peru and Ecuador and to support the land claims of indigenous communities. In collaboration with Asociación Interétnica de Desarollo de la Selva Peruana.

Accion Ecologica

Quito, Ecuador

$24,559 to train local farmers to present scientific data in water rights cases in Ecuador.

American Friends Service Committee

Philadelphia, PA

$25,000 to introduce sustainable technology and methods that help North Korean farm managers, agricultural workers, and scientists grow more food.

Concern America

Santa Ana, CA

$15,000 to promote and distribute a multi-volume training manual for health promotors titled “Como Enseñar Sobre La Salud” (How to Teach About Health).

Environmental Rights Action

Lagos, Nigeria

$30,000 to organize a grassroots coalition that advocates for public water systems in Lagos, Nigeria and in Africa.

Field of Interest Public health, environmental health, Conservation, Food, Health
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Sponsor Name The Conservation, Food & Health Foundation

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