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Title Posting Expired: Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen Awards - Drug Discovery and Small Molecule Virtual High-throughput Screening
Opportunity Type Grants and Funding
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The AIMS Awards program is designed to strengthen the pool of researchers involved in the discovery of small molecules for protein targets. In addition to compounds and virtual screening, awardees may receive up to $30,000 in support. Researchers affiliated with non-profit research institutions around the world are invited to apply.

Field of Interest drug discovery, drug development, target discovery, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, therapeutics, small molecules, protein-protein interactions, medicines, drugs- investigational, screening, small molecule libraries, protein subunits, biochemistry, molecular biology, proteomics, crystallography, crystallography- x-ray, compounds, tool molecules, hit discovery, metabolic engineering, metabolomics, commercialization, pharmaceuticals, food science, agriculture, aquaculture, protein binding, target validation, veterinary drugs, companion animal health, anti-allergic agents, anti-anxiety agents, anti-arrhythmia agents, anti-bacterial agents, anti-infective agents, anti-obesity agents, anti-inflammatory agents
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Sponsor Name Atomwise, Inc.

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